Cody Roth

Cody Roth

 Waveland, Mississippi, USA

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Chasin' A Bird

Written By: Cody Roth

Head down in a bed of leaves
Eyes up in the sky
Dreaming of a memory, oh so sweet
I find I'm wondering why

Why you came to me
Oh bird of beautiful flight
Were you sent from a love above?
An angel in disguise

But you're out of my reach

I've been chasin' a bird
Circling around
I can't seem to catch her
I'm here on the ground
Running in circles
I'm stumbling down
I won't stop chasin' this bird

Head down, eyes at my feet
You're still up in the sky
You swoop down and perch on my seat
Bird, please teach me to fly

'Cause you're out of my reach

I pray to dream of you
And when my dreams come true
I'll pray to wake with you
Don't want to live down here all alone
I want a heart to call my home
Girl, you can take my word
I won't stop chasin' you bird