Cody Smith

Cody Smith

 Sicklerville, New Jersey, USA
BandRockAdult Contemporary

My music reflects everything I have learned about people, relationships, love and life during my adult life. It is optimistic, yet thoughtful and at times deep. I would like to stir emotions, romantic and nostalgic. If nothing else, it is from the heart and the best way I have of expressing myself.


Growing up, I was into many of the rock bands from the 70's such as Foreigner and ELO, as well as bands with deeper roots like The Who. Later, I became a big fan of the lyrics and power of Springsteens Born to Run and then some of the new wave bands of the 80's. The 90's produced some music that I really like such as Hooty and the Blowfish and The Goo Goo Dolls.

I have been playing guitar since the age of 13 after a brief stint as a drummer. I have been writing music virtually since the day I started playing. I have written dozens of songs since them and finally go the opportunity to work with a good producer and record my music. My greatest attribute may be perseverence. Altough some things don't some easy to me, I don't give up.

My music is the way it is, meaning I write what comes into my head without trying to write for a certain audience or within a certain genre. Some people love my music and others describe it as awful. That's ok, I don't expect everyone to like it, and in fact, if only a few people are truly touched by it then I consider myself successful.


I have just released my debut cd, titled 'I Wanna Be The Man'.

Set List

My set list includes about 10 original songs, including I Wanna Be The Man, Be That Way, I'll Wait For You, Curled Up and Died, Crazy Day, Remember When, 40 Good Years, Presents From Above, If I Say Goodbye, Pride. Also, I may do a cover or two, and that can be anything from the 60's to today.