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The best kept secret in music


"Love, Lust & Heartache Shake"

Love, lust & heartache
The music of Cody Sorensen

Brad Talbutt "Feature Story"
Edition Date: 02-08-2005

After one heartbreak followed by another, Cody Sorensen bought the family Chevy van from his brother for $200 and hit the road.

He left behind the place he had grown up, a third-generation family dairy in Fallon, Nevada, and the six brothers and sisters whom he had grown up singing bluegrass tunes with at picnics and parties.

The family had scattered after the breakup of his parent's marriage.

He left behind the sweetheart who declined his marriage proposal. He packed his broken heart and his Yamaha guitar in the hand-me-down van and headed for Nashville to follow a dream and learn to forget.

We met Cody at the local Quest for the Best band contest where his locomotive-rhythm guitar style, and a yodel that scared the bejesus out of some listeners, impressed us.

New to Boise, he was a last-minute entry and a surprise hit with the crowd despite playing in the indie rock category.

Now he's playing his two-hour set of original songs and selling his new CD at the Kulture Klatsch. His show has a rocking energy driven by that locomotive rhythm-guitar style and a melodic voice influenced as much by Jim Morrison as Travis Tritt.

It's also peppered with songs about lust and love, and love gone wrong that spring out of personal experience.

"My songs tell the tale of my own emotional growth," Cody says. "First would be infatuation. You got your butterflies and your blindness to reality, and it's like riding down a waterfall, lots of uncontrolled feelings and emotions. The song about that phase is "Love's Waterfall"; it's not necessarily a bad thing, but you are likely to find out later that it's not what you want. There is lots of the where-were-you-today phone calls. Lots of insecurity."

There's also plenty of raw passion in those early stages of emotional blooming as in the "Boogie Woogie Boogie":

She'll be my rhythm
and I'll be her blues
We know a place crossed town
the north pasture
where we'll stay out late
and shake a leg on the ol' tailgate.

But mostly Cody sees himself as a romantic.

"I'm a Pisces; I think I read in the ... horoscope, Pisces believe in fairytales — the riding off into the sunset with the perfect person happily-ever-after story. So the second level is realizing there are no fairytales and no perfect person. I wrote a song (about his one true sweetheart) called "Because I Love You." It's about the special moments we had, the corny things we said when I was in love.

nothing short of magic
nothing fake or plastic
just a little spastic
but I think it's fantastic.

The flip side of moon-eyed love is "complete and utter heartbreak". The to-remain-nameless wench turned him down flat and busted his heart to pieces.

Afterwards he wrote "Oh Coyote"

Oh Coyote sing me a song
For my broken heart and a
Love gone wrong.

Since then he's tried to protect himself, shield his heart and concentrate on 'practicalities.'

"My problem is, I kept doing the same things and hoping it would turn out different. I would be overly romantic, turning on the charm; always trying to create those magic moments and never gave any thought to her perspective, which may have been more practical. It's hard to be romantic when there are bills and dirty diapers on your mind.

"I started writing songs about trying to figure it out. What I learned was to take my heart out of the whole equation. It's safer."

Kicking off a show business career is more than a full time job, and Cody is happy to stay out of the saddle for the time being.

"People enter a relationship, and they automatically introduce their heart into it, and it has that blinding effect; you're right back on the waterfall. We let it fly out of control, and then they have that 'Oh crap, what did I do?' kind of realization. I've become much more realistic. It kind of takes the fun out of it, but it also saves you a lot of money."

He wrote "Oh Baby Stay" trying to gain the perspective of the other person in the relationship.

You've had your heart broken
One too many times
I know that you've been hurting
And you're going to need some time
To put the puzzle back together
Sometimes it takes forever to find
The missing pieces of your heart

With a long wake of heartache behind him, "things are pretty good,"Cody says. He's not committed to anyone, but, he admits, "You pine for what you don't have. With all the baggage that people carry, love is a miracle if it happens at all."

- Idaho Stateman


Three CDs have been released to date:
~ Heart Constellations
~ Safaric Style
~ Debut Cody Sorensen



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