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"Cody Stagefright interview w/ JPK Groovehouse"

Making it happen with the music we need.
J. Peter King

A lot of musicians really know how to make their sounds, beats, and music work for them. They take their genre of music, and possibly their band or group members and they create music that appeals to their specific audience. Although this may work for some in the music world, many fans often times need more than one genre of music to satisfy their listening needs. When this is the case, fans should and often do look for a band or group that can mix genre’s and make it work. If that’s what you’re looking for, than you should definitely check out the music of Cody Stagefright.

Cody Stagefright has the all-around sound that works for any type of fan. Furthermore, last Sunday while performing at Elope Lounge in Clinton Township, Mi, I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with the members of Cody Stagefright. The band itself consists of five artists: Chris “Volcano” Fortson, Derek Harrington, Chris Oliver, Jim Woolsey, and David Ross. The band described themselves as a mix of funk, soul, hip-hop, and rock. “We bang on it, till it works,” said Harrington.

Now, with such a diversified mix of genres, it was no surprise that these guys have a wide range of inspirations and musical influences. Some of those influences include artists such as: Ice Cube, Scarface, System of a Down, Wilco, The Flaming Lips, and Beck.

Although there are many more influences, the band also mentioned that they themselves are their own inspiration to their music. Not only does that make sense, but it has brought them fans of all kinds, and one notable fan who is a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is a fan of ours, and we are huge fans of the Chili Peppers,” said Oliver.

Aside from fans and influences, the band talked about their hopes, aspirations, and how far they wanted to take it with Cody Stagefright. “We want to take this as far as possible, and we always want to have complete artistic control,” said Woolsey. This is understandable in that the musical diversity and sound of Cody Stagefright does not need to be altered by a record company that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Instead, they look to be in the position where they can flourish with a growing fan base and gain a diversified audience that can come together and enjoy their universal appeal, sound, and style.

In regards to performances, Cody Stagefright performs on Sunday nights at Elope Lounge in Clinton Township, Mi. The Elope Lounge show is a more intimate and relaxed setting, where people can come and end their week with some great music, and get to know the band members in a laid back atmosphere. Cody Stagefright will also be performing at the Roseville, Mi 2009 Relay for Life event on June 6 at Veterans Memorial Park. The band comes on at 4:00 P.M., and you don’t want to miss this show, as they will lend their musical talents in the fight against cancer. Lastly, don’t forget to check out:

Cody Stagefright has what it takes to not only be successful as artists, but they offer a unique and rare collaboration that works for the masses. Their sheer talent and abilities combined with their knowledge and musical background gives fans of all kinds the chance to hear something that they can enjoy, and something that will enhance their musical taste and the quality of what they listen to. So check them out live, and on Myspace: and let's get some conversation going and feedback on the band that looks to take their musical efforts and make an impact that is truly necessary and much needed.

J.Peter King am the Editor in Chief and Creator of

Public Relations Contact: Tanya Vece (TV PR)
- J. Peter King - Online Magazine

"CSF Interview w/ Devil May Care"

Online in July of 2009 - Print magazine- DMC


Champagne Taste with a Kool-Aid Wallet, 2009



Since the band’s inception during 2006, Cody Stagefright conveys a sense of seduction, wonder, and unselfish thought provoking lyrics complimented by a hodge-podge of multi-talented musicians. As their talents are diverse- each member of this five piece band is passionate about their craft.

Cody Stagefright's musical abilities acquires all the parallel elements of a bold blended posh wine. Though the band was birthed in 2006, their recognition has become amplified within the last five months. The accompaniments of the band’s latest line-up has fruitfully produced some of the most preeminent music to ever come out of Michigan.

Cody Stagefright’s latest project Champagne Taste with a Kool-Aid Wallet intrigues the listener with flirtatious bass, luminous drums, haunting guitar, and evocative vocals. The band has a refreshing and mellow sound. Their sundry accents of poetic moments ,influenced from hip-hop, graciously compliments their decadent smooth sound.

Cody Stagefright is clearly a diamond in the rough. This group of well traveled members within the arts community is able to unify their individual endowments for the written word. Cody Stagefright invigorates all the human senses through their music and live performances. They are inspiring, they are clever, and most of all Cody Stagefright is on the verge of national discovery.

Pillars in Michigan’s music community- their sound can be compared to the caviar of live musical acts. One of the marketable aspects of Cody Stagefright is their mass audience appeal. This band guarantees to draw a crowd with each live show. Their dedicated local ,and online following, paired along side their positive message continues to allow this band to prosper. Be the next to discover the truth of what a group of musicians is supposed to be. Please allow Tanya Vece to proudly introduce, and represent, the brilliance of Cody Stagefright.

Tanya Vece is known to hand pick all the musicians and bands she represents. Dozens of bands are turned away monthly. Her faith in Cody Stagefright proposes this is one group fans will quickly fall in love with.