Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

A percussion orchestra, created throught different iberian instruments, mainly unknown, joined together for the first time.


In the Iberian Peninsula there are some percussion instruments mainly unknown that, throughout history,have served to accompany dancing, songs, Romance, or to bear time in processions. Most of these instruments have been played separately, or just as accompaniment on other instruments.

Coetus' experiment consists in joining them all together for the first time, and giving them an own language inspired in traditional rythms and in creating an active dialogue with voice.


- Coetus, Temps Records. 2009

Set List

1.- Son d'arriba
2.- El labradorito
3.- Intro cogia coles
4.- Cogia coles
5.- Verde gaio
6.- La solterita
7.- La batalla del Bruc
8.- Estes seguidilletes
9.- Sa ximbombeta
10.- No le digas a nadie...
11.- Para que cantar?
12.- El rondador desesperado
13.- Que serenita cae la nieve
14.- Obertura
15.- El cant de la Sibil�la

Duration: 80 minuts aprox.