coeur de lane

coeur de lane


post-modern electronic folk songs for the melancholic.


Lane Arndt: A Thumbnail Portrait of a Musician
AKA coeur de lane

He began his journey in music as a young teen-aged guitar
player and followed his muse through college, undergraduate and graduate
prostrations in Performance and Music Theory.
In the 11.5 years since leaving the hallowed halls of academia, he has
gestated and disseminated a approach to musical performance,
recording and pedagogy that is at once entirely personal and wholly
Resistant to the scholarly task of definition through categorization,
Lane Arndt's creative output must be taken for what it is: equal parts
experimental ethos and structural pathos within a framework of tones
and frequencies, a body of work that leaves none wanting for anything
more than a hint of identity in the futile search for unity of form and
function; the postmodern anti-form of openness.

As a guitar player, lane arndt trades in a type of fluent free associations, at times navigating the slippery slope of the outside/straight-ahead callosum. Functioning at erratic intervals under the
pseudonyms ‘the Specialest’ and ‘cUPS’, and now 'coeur de lane', all levels of sonic disparity are
juxtaposed in his abstract experimental, yet ambient approach to songs electronics, acoustics and improvisation.
As a producer he aims to bring his contemporary ethos to the table under the auspices of his pet admonition: 'There's never a good
reason to not be cutting edge'. In the service of this conviction, electronics meet nature, the organic meshes with the synthetic, the structured hangs out at the water cooler with the improvised. And
through it all a sound emerges that is identifiable in it's parts for what it is but is in many ways simultaneously un-categorizable.


The Other Side

Written By: Lane Arndt

Rainy day lands with buckets of pearls
Pass by my window like sweet-water girls
(and) Just like the sun that refuses to shine,
You can go your way and I can go mine.

We never eat what we didn't catch,
I caught you love but it didn't bite back,
so inhabit this tract of Rabbit Holed land,
and pick up the pieces of a once greater man.

Look at the sky and then follow the earth,
Watch the horizon and wait for the birth of a sun that's so bright that it might just be hell,
It's a world of confusion you know, all too well.

The Bucket is bruised,
And the water's too dark,
You can't find the pearls ,
that'll lead to the mark.

That points to the site of your love's long-lost hope
So you re-dress the horse and you gather the rope,
and you ride it so fast that you thought you'd died,
and found a great land,
on the Other Side.

Place I've Never Been

Written By: Lane Arndt/Steve Pirot

When I'm dead and bonless and the worms have had their day,
My skeleton will forget me as it ambles on its way.
He'll stroll into a tailors and get himself a suit,
new jacket belt new shirt and tie but I'm keepin these old boots.

I'm lookin forward, lookin forward to a new better skin.
I'm lookin forward, lookin forward to a place I've never been.

I'll go back to my hometown and I'll find myself a bar,
say hi to all my old friends cause they won't a gone very far,
Go back to Louisiana, go home to my true love,
Cause even in the next life she's the one I'm dreamin of.
I'm lookin forward, lookin forward to a new better skin.
I'm lookin forward, lookin forward to a place I've never been.

The One

Written By: Lane Arndt

I am not a carpenter
I don't put together or pull apart
I aint never fixed no car
Never had one that'd take me very far.

But I am still your lover
Take you to that other place
We can talk the whole night long
and in the morning there won't be nothing wrong.

I am not a drug dealer
Nor am I a simple man
Tried my best to live a good life
But I've done some things that I just can not stand.

You are still my best friend
And I am always at your side
As long as there's a sun
shining light on everyone
You will be
The One.


Many albums as producer and band member, including Shuyler Jansen (Hobotron), Krista Hartman (passport) reclaim Vol. 1, AA Sound System (Lily Plain and Laissez-Faire), Colin Priestner (God And Wall Street), Hector Fector (We are Romantic).
Solo materials only released online and through digital file exchanges.