Cof Cof

Cof Cof


"Their music is simple, yet tons of fun."


"Fans of CSS, Bonde Do Role, Crystal Castles, and New Young Pony Club will love bouncing around to these songs. Each song is layered in a simple, yet highly danceable rhythm, then topped off with some cynical lyrics about loser boyfriends (“Dirty Tricks”) and partying (“Forbidden Coctail”). Ana and Alex sing in English with a cute accent that adds an adorable touch to their music and keeps the songs completely original. This album is only eight songs long, but each song is a hit single that will keep you satisfied for months on end."

We have played in New York and in the most important spanish cities: Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.


Forbidden Cocktail

Written By: Cof Cof

I don't know
what is going on
i'm seeing things where there shouldn't be

is running so fast
but the time is like stopped for me

rainbows flashbacks lights and gas!
plasma karma breaking glass!

(that's enough i've had enough)

Lights stars i need some air!
clapping dancing where's my friend?

(oh my god, you're on the floor)

forbidden cocktail

(you know you shouldn't be scared)

Dirty Tricks

Written By: Cof Cof

it took 3 months
it took 3 long months
to get closer to that boy, that boy
it took you 2 nights
it took you 2 simple nights
to stole it from me in front of my nose

and i say: why don't you go to hell?

and why
why don't you stay in bed
and watch some tv movies
that would be great, yeah
that would be great
why don't you stay in bed,
and drink some bleach
i know i'm being dirty
but i'm a bitch

it took 3 months
it took 3 long months
to write that hit song, hit song
it took you 2 hours
it took you 2 short hours
to take an Abba's loop
and be on top of the pops

why don't you go to hell

and why,
why don't you stay in bed
and listen to Madonna
that would be cool, yeah
that would be cool
why don't you stay in bed
and cut your veins
i know i'm being dirty
but i'm a bitch

Caribbean Boy

Written By: Cof Cof

i think i felt in love
with someone next to you
and no one in this party
can stop me, hey!

i think i drunk too much
but this thing must be love
i'll have another shot
gintonic!, hey!

under the shining moon i closed my eyes
i though i was in paradise
i really like this caribbean boy,
i want him to be mine, hey!

there's something in the air
i feel it on my nose
i can even taste it
it's love,hey!

there's something in this boy
that makes me very hot
i'll have another shot
tekila! hey!

gi-gi-gi-gintonic! te-te-te-tekila!
ca-ca-ca-caribbean boy...

I fell him close to me
he's staring on my eyes
i cannot even breathe
he's mine! hey!

we danced all night long
and it was like a dream
i don't want to wake up
red vodka! hey!

Who Said Party

Written By: Cof Cof


we are always ready, we always want some party
party time, party line, party always friday night

we are always ready , and any plan is fine,
party line party time , party anywhere is fine

who said party?
cos you can count on us
who said party?
just tell us where is at

Sign Song

Written By: Cof Cof

if you want to leave your boyfriend
if you want to leave your music band
if you want to win the lottery
and you're looking for a sign, sign sign
is not on tv
not on the street
you've got to listen
the sign is here

this song is the sign you were looking for
do what you gotta do, and search no more
this is a sign song

this is the moment to make a move
do what you gotta do is up to you
this is a sign song

Leave your boyfriend
leave your music band
you'll win the lottery
you've just found the sign


"Who said party?" 2009.

Set List

We play non-stop sets of 30-50 minutes. Our tipical set lists is usually:

1. Who said party
2. Forbidden Cocktail
3. My HDD is broken
4. Beach day
5. Caribbean boy
6. Infection
7. Dirty tricks