C.O.G. (Child of God)
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C.O.G. (Child of God)


Band Hip Hop Gospel


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This band has not uploaded any videos




"My husband and I have
just viewed and listened to the EPK and we must say WOW and PRAISE GOD"

"Artist Reveiw"

Music Comments: These tracks are a set of strong hiphop and rap tracks with great energy and depth. The music is full and diverse with a very electro sound all around. The beats are all strong and the song writing is excellent. The music has full of synths, keys and thick electro bass lines. Vocals are soulful and once again, very high energy which adds a lot of depth to this material. The lyrics are Christian based and the tracks all have good verses and choruses. The production is very well done as is the mix of these tracks. This CD has a very strong over all feel and the doubling of the vocal tracks are a perfect sound and technique for C.O.G.

The songs are all well written and formatted and C.O.G. is a great representation of what Christian should be like. Excellent album all around.

- A&R Select





He said there was NO WAY he would EVER sing Gospel music. But God had other plans. Before dedicating his life to Christ, C.O.G. was a club singer, crooning R&B for all the wrong things, and for all the wrong reasons. After being delivered from his own self-destruction, C.O.G. didn’t really know what to do with the talent he had been blessed with. Being raised as a Muslim, a member of the Nation of Islam, Gospel music was something of a mystery to him. It was something that had been preached against to his knowledge, for his entire life. He had been offered a record deal earlier in his career, only to vehemently decline, due to the condition that he must sing Gospel. Thank Heaven the Lord spoke to his heart.
In the beginning of his career, C.O.G. was tentative, nervous, and afraid to walk into calling that God had placed upon his life. He joined a quartet style group, singing traditional standards, with modest regional success. Yet, he was never truly fulfilled, as if he wasn’t living up to the requirements that were expected of him by Christ. Knowing that God had placed a special anointing upon him, to perform a specific duty, C.O.G. embarked on his journey to serve on his mission-REACH THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD. Too many young people were being lost to the streets and customs of the world. And by youth, he realized this meant not only school-age children, but adults as well. After much prayer and meditation, C.O.G. sought the guidance of Christ to lead him in the proper direction-HIP-HOP. Not totally rap music, but the entire Hip-Hop culture, which has been dominating our society, not only in America, but even in third world countries.
Pick up a magazine, turn on a TV, radio, or computer, and you’re sure to find the influence of Hip-Hop present. The problem is, you rarely find it present in the church. So much negativity has been placed upon the culture, that many Christian leaders have failed to realize the influence it has had on our own people. C.O.G. has been charged by God, to take back the culture the HE allowed to be created, as a voice to the youth of the world, to express themselves. C.O.G. isn’t trying to change the music, the fashion, (well, maybe some of it), the art, or the medium. C.O.G. is here to change THE MOTIVES behind Hip-Hop. The enemy has had a choke hold on the Hip-Hop generation for quite some time, commercializing what was once a venue for urban youth to speak in a way that only they could relate to. However, in the beginning of Hip-Hop, there was no space allowed for the Spirit of Christ to dwell, allowing the enemy free reign over our young people. Hip-Hop has become very much about sex, money, drugs, violence and SIN period. C.O.G. is here to fight to take back what rightfully belongs to Christ. His children’s souls-Whether flowing over some of the tightest beats ever created, singing over silky smooth R&P tracks, or just simply speaking, C.O.G. is definitely THE representative for Christ in Hip-Hop, as well as the leader of the next generation of Gospel Music.
C.O.G. has been named the North Carolina Gospel Announcers Guild PRESTIGE Award winner for 2006 as ‘Holy Hip Hop Artist’ of the Year. C.O.G. has opened for the UniverSoul Circus, performed at Shaw U., St. Aug’s, Duke University, Benedict College, Barbados and countless church and community events. C.O.G. has been featured on the nationally televised show ‘The MixxMaster’s Lounge’, which airs on the Inspiration Network (INSP).

-Child of God-