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C.O.H.A.D is a Christian Hip-Hop Artist/Songwriter. His music esteems Jesus Christ as King and tells a story of rebellion to redemption through the saving grace of His Savior. His music compells the listener, to introspectively evaluate their lifestyles, over heavy drums, and uplifting melodies.


Dear Friends,

I am pleased to write to you during the course of my journey…..a journey of trial, and tribulation…..a journey of decisions. Through it all, at the end of this journey, I pray that lives will be touched and impacted by the happenings during its course. This road, this journey I’m speaking of is the formation of my Christian Hip-Hop solo effort, “The Greatest Decision”, and I would like you to join me in this journey. This project has been in the works since 2004, and is still pressing to be heard, because upon its hearing, I believe people of all ages will be challenged to evaluate the greatest decision of their own lives. From December 20th-23rd, 2007 I will attempt to record this CD project in Cleveland, Ohio with Obadiah Productions. The Greatest Decision will then need album artwork, such as CD cover, and photo inserts . Upon artwork, and once the project is mixed and mastered, it will then be sent to be duplicated, pressed and packaged. As you can see, this is a grueling process that takes time, patience and finances. I also pray that during the course of this letter and as you view the other resources (press kit, bio), that you are compelled to help…to see a difference in the lives of our youth…a difference in their affections and choices of music. As well, you can also ponder the work and perseverance I have placed in finishing this album…3 years and pressing. Please if you will, read the other enclosed resources. If you to choose to give above $20 , you will be reserved a copy of the debut album once it is finished! I really desire to make a difference in my generation, and with you, that can happen. Thank you for your time and listening ear. Take care. God Bless

In Him, Bryan (C.O.H.A.D) Citizen.Of.His.Amazing.Dwellings
Phil. 3:20

The Greatest Decision Pricing List

Recording, Production, Artwork, CD Duplication,Total
$700 $1440 $250 $1700 $4090

Yes! I would like to help and be apart of this project Enclosed is my check for:
____CD Duplication

Please make checks payable to: Bryan Brown
1537 Williamsburg Place
Pittsburgh, Pa 15235


Jehovah's Boy "Let the Lord use you LP" 2007, I need you now (track)
C.O.H.A.D "The Waiting Room EP" 2006
C.O.H.A.D "you and Him: The Divine Appoinment EP"2007

Set List

C.O.H.A.D. sets last any where from a half an hour to an hour (1 song= approx. 5mins.), depending on event and time given to minister.