We are a an artistic and musical form of expressing feelings, deep thoughts, and life. We are not just a band...we are musicians that have created a monster that everyone must face. A New Era is upon us in our musical society and it deserves a wake up call... We ARE that wake up call... -Coin-Slot-


Prologue I.
Coin-Slot is the brainchild and latest musical incarnation of founder Johndavid “JD” Kerr. With the intention of finding like-minded and committed musicians, JD has auditioned some of STL’s finest over the past several years and has secured a formidable lineup.

But, there were previous incarnations animating the Coin-slot venture, one of which was Peaceable Kingdom, finding various forms in Columbia, MO and Dallas, TX. JD founded the prog-alt Dallas-based band Peaceable Kingdom when he was in law school. By most measures PK did well in the local market, with two notable distinctions. PK stirred some A&R interest (Tommy Gun records and Interscope records) after heavily playing the Deep Ellum and SMU college circuits.

And, he met some of the key management of the LA-based band Tool, whose management team was Zoo Entertainment at the time. PK's music was played for the members of Tool, and it was rumored that Tool wanted to meet JD and the members of PK. (His other brush with music "greats" was meeting AD guitarist Kerry Livgren, the founder and guitarist of the prog band Kansas.) However, family and career commitments brought him back to Missouri. But, the passion to create and perform original music was merely side-showed—momentarily.

Upon return to St. Louis, JD linked up with some lifelong friends in starting up another incarnation of PK and reconnected with this creative font—creating new compositions, listening to the creative ideas of area bands, and auditioning local talent, some of who played in several well-known local bands. But, it was not until he formulated the groundwork for Coin-Slot that things really began to gel. The formula was simple: finding musicians committed to bringing his original compositions to life through collaboration and a like-minded passion for prog-alt rock and live performances.

After exhaustive rehearsals, Coin-Slot is now ready to make the transition from pre-production to that all-important stage of production and is ready to deliver its sonic landscape, which is a blended mix of prog-alt arrangements, technical guitar exploration, sonorous and growling vocals with reachable yet probing lyrical themes, six-string bass grooves and lines, and a jazz-rock percussion tour de force. Coin-Slot’s newest chapter is beginning and the phoenix incarnate is rising from the ashes. Our Influences: Incubus, STP, Rush, Yes, Tool, King Crimson, Spock's Beard, Live, Chevelle, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Jimi Hendrix, Smashing Pumpkins, and many more.



Written By: Kevin Copeland

Well I see your eyes, and it’s
no surprise
That you’ve been crying, dying
All upset over me
really have nothing to say
About what’s gone away
Careless living, has made
me that way

Now it’s hard to see
And hard to breathe
On the worlds bended

Well I see your eyes, and it’s no surprise
That you’ve been
crying, dying
All upset
want to realize, that there’s blue skies
And not
always clouds
Over me
[Repeat Chorus]

It’s hard, so hard, it’s
hard, it’s hard, to see
It’s hard, so hard, it’s hard, it’s hard,it’s hard to
I’m just trying to breathe


Written By: Kevin Copeland

Whispers of empty
And secrets that were never kept
Wondering why life’s so hard
it keeps on running so fast
Who’s whispering to me
The words in my head are
not part of my past

I can’t wait for future memories to catch up to

Sunsets on my shoulders my back no longer burns
ow beautiful
the sky looks at this time of day
Memories I’m waiting to have
Sounds that
are in my head
Those promises I did not keep
If I’m alone then
I’ll make it through
But what’s not in place
Endless grievance will take me
Anger gives a taste
Needless things are abandoned here
Just get off of
my case
I know I need to get out of here

Give anger a face
(Just need a

Bottle all of your anger and cast it to the sea
acting as a stranger is it all because of me
Because I’m the only lonely
I’m the only lonely
Because here inside my fear
There’s a lonely
heart bleeding
I can’t hear all the tears
As I stand alone


Written By: JD Kerr

I see what you’ve been going
I know what they’ve put you through
If even in a heartbeat
I thought
I could save your soul from dying out
I’d throw you a lifeline
Give my
Make it go away
Drown your pain

And then we’d be free
the sunshine
Of eternal day

I fear what your gonna tell me
But I
know it won’t get through
If I ever told you
Nothing could bring me down
was wrong
I didn’t know
No matter how hard we try
Some things are beyond
our control

And we could be free
In the promise of a new
Burning our pain away
(Burning our pain

In the midst of the garden
I can call you my eve
We can
take in one another
Believing in what can’t be seen
There are reasons you and
I were meant to be
Holding our prism for those who long to see

we’d be free
In the sunshine
We could live forever
Lock those cynical dogs
Flying to the sun together


3 Song Demo
COIN-SLOT is "live" on:

Set List

For the Chosen
The Seeker
All originals. This is a 45- 50min set list. Capable of 2 hrs with vaious rock covers thrown in.