Detroit, Michigan, USA
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In the world of fast money, cars and jewelry shines a star that burns brighter than the rest. This star is named Coinz. His songs are creative, energetic, and good for all ages.
Growing up in the rough streets of Flint,Mi Coinz developed a knack to write down everything he seen going on in his city. Not long those songs started to become his real life mishaps. Getting in minor trouble early in his life he decided to fully focus on his art. Listening to greats like the late Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, LL Cool J, and Nas he created his own style and raised his own following in his city and state. Performing in shows and showcases across the globe Coinz seems to be focus on establishing his name among the elite.


2003- released the Single "Love" featuring Sarah Stokes. Recieved minor airplay in the Detroit metro area. Ranked in the top 50 of all time songs on
2004- released the "The Blackmarket Mixtape" the first installment of many more in the series. Had remixes off of TI, Rick Ross, Lil wayne tracks. Moved over 2000 units independently.
2006- released his first LP "The Demonstration".
2007- Shows in Atlanta, New Orleans, Florida and just basically touring the South.

Contact info: (251)545-8013 office
(313)310-0120 mobile

Set List

Dawgs out
Puff one
What would u do
Bigg Boyzz
Set can range from 10 min to 30min if necessary