COJAC is a songwriting duo penning timeless, catchy Pop and Rock tunes with the Top 40 in mind. We are happy to "write-to-order". What would you like? Give us a call or drop us a line.


COJAC were formed after Andy and I had been working as session musicians for several years and realised we had plenty of original material but no real outlet for it. Our session work keeps new material sounding contemporary but we would both admit to being heavily influenced by bands of the sixties, seventies and eighties.



Written By: David Konig

I’ve made mistakes before
I’ve let a good thing slip away
Bu this means so much more
It’s growing every day

Compared with other loves
We’ve got a shot at something real
And so with hand on heart
I tell you what I feel

Nevergonna let you go
Girl I wanna let you know
I just want a love that’s true
And girl I’ve found it here with you
Nevergonna let you down
Girl I’ll always be around
To hold you close and let you know
I’m nevergonna let you go

I know the stakes are high
And that one chance is all I get
But that’s the reason why
I haven’t told you yet

I’ve shared with other loves
And woken up to find them gone
And so with hand on heart
I tell you you’re the one