Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome

Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome


Frustrated Michigan Native Ben Igrisan wrote and recorded 10 songs with the help of several musician friends. He Then put a band together. The result is fiercely beautiful Punk and Metal influenced Rock, who's live show covers 9 songs in under half an hour.


After the demise of several metal influenced rock bands, frustrated Michigan native Ben Igrisan wrote and recorded several songs under the project title of Coke Dick with the help of a dozen or so musician friends. He then handpicked and assembled a band of other verteran Detroit area rock scene musicians. The result is fiercely beautiful punk and thrash influenced rock, who's live show covers as many as 9 songs in under a half of an hour.
CDMA has a revolving door policy (easy come easy go) and thus in the last fifty shows there have been six different guitar players, two bass players, and two drummers. What IS consistent is 3 roaring guitars (often times four), several singers, and one loud and sweaty burst of a show.

The 10 song, 35.5 minute long self titled album was released independently in September of 2004.

In January 2006 CDMA released their sophmore full length record "Whore Island" March 7th on Lakehouse Records. Whore Island offers more punk/metal hybrid fury, with plenty of new songs, plus a few classics from the first album re-recorded in a better studio, with new musicians.

In the past year CDMA has played with other national acts such as Chiodos (Equal Vision), Love Hate Hero (Ferret), Calico System (Eulogy), Powerman 5000 (Megatronic), Mushroomhead (Universal/MegaForce), Heads Will Roll, Hed(Pe), NRA (Gearhead), and Everytime I Die (Ferret).

Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome have been consistenly touring the Eastern Third of the United States since March in support of our latest release. We play to commence touring at the end of August to move to Minneapolis and write our next record.


Third Strike

Written By: Jerame Arnold

All my thoughts were runnin’ & I couldn’t see
The plan that had been laid out before me
Up & down the story of my life & I stand
Contemplating thoughts over a knife.

Everything has suddenly changed
In my mind life is still a dream.

All at once my life flashed before my eyes
Still it’s hard to see through this disguise.
Then I stood, looked myself down again.
Still I stand constantly being spit on by my friends.

Everything has suddenly changed
In my mind life is still a dream
Story’s true come back to haunt me.


In my mind life is still a dream
Story’s true come back to haunt me
If I should die before I wake
I thank god that I don’t break

Waking A Sleeping Giant

Written By: Ben Igrisan

Waking A Sleeping Giant

A house on fire. I Just can’t sleep.
I hear touching yourself, you make steam. I beads on your belly. You’ve got Whitesnake on.

Tonight we’ll burn this bedroom down

You make the ache run deep (You make the ache run deep!)

Tonight we’ll burn it to the ground
Hot fire burning churning cream

Verse 2:
I’d crawl!
A mile through glass just to get off in your shadow.
Smoke and Heat you’re my ice cream cake.
I’d eat you by the handful give me all I can take.


Smoke pours through windows
That I have watched you through so many times before.
I’m all grown up now.
I’m so much better than you remember.

A hydrants liquid spills into the street.
A hydrants liquid spills into the street.
Holdin! My breath.
Tonight I’m going for a fuckin’ world record!


Verse 3:
I grab your clothes and I tear through the seams.
Crisp cotton, satin, leather, steam.
Our sweaty hands can’t grab these walls.

Your moans echo down smoke filled halls! X4


Coke Dick Motorcylcle Awesome. Self Titled. 2004.
This Frozen Hell EP. 2005
Whore Island -2006- Lakehouse Records

Set List

We get onstage and tear through 7-9 songs in under half an hour.
Third Strike
Dick Army's Last Stand
Ypsilanti Jaxxy
Cause I Can
Waking A Sleeping Giant
Four Leaf Clover

Once in a while we do a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm On Fire"