Coko Galore

Coko Galore


Bringing back girl power in a post feminist punk/pop form, a cheer for real women.


Eclectic is the best word to describe Coko Galore. Drawing from influences of 80s rock, pop and hip-hop, Coko Calore brings a new flavour to the music scene, Growing up in the diversity of Toronto and being of mixed heritage, Coko Galore has a unique way of experiencing life. Coko Galore is embarking on the smart-pop and electro-philosophy movement, in which she infuses great music and intellect.

Coko Galore introduces a rare blend of retro/pop/rock/jazz and funk with a positive message, encouraging women everywhere to be true to yourself in your own style and way of life.


"I AM THE SHOW" - debut album due to be released Jan 2010.

"Those Girls" - single now available on iTunes and available for request on stations across Canada now.

Set List

A typical set list is approx 45-60 minutes long. The set includes 9 original electro/pop songs and 1 cover. (Moving in Stereo - The Cars)