Colby James

Colby James


Colby James is a dynamic musician and an emerging singer/songwriter whose music is second to none. An emotional and a powerful performer, James surely has a prosperous musical career at the forefront.


So it’s the summer of 1998 and I’m sitting around the house while all my friends have plans. I notice an old 70’s style applause guitar that belonged to my dad, leaning against my couch. I pick it up and start strumming. Just the right hand playing and my left, is not quite there yet. But little did I know that I was getting all the rhythm down. So here I am all rhythm, no technique. My dad gets me some lessons at E.U. Wurlitzer, I get the basic chords down and in three weeks, I’m done!

My brother in-law is hosting Karaoke Night at Judge Roy Bean on Sunday. He calls me up and says, “Bring your guitar and play for an hour or so”. So, I did! Not knowing what to expect, I get up on stage, plug in my guitar, and do my first mic check. My first song is about four minutes long, I hit the last chord and hear people clap. I’ve been addicted ever since. Shortly after a few Sundays with Sean, Judge Roy Bean asks me to run an “Open Mic Night” on Tuesdays. I agree and run it for about five years.

I’m at this one in particular Open Mic Night, this girl (Heather Church) comes up to me and says “My band just broke up tonight, and I think you sound great, would you like to play with a violinist”? In my head I’m thinking, a girl wants to jam with me?? I say, sure! At the time I was playing with my friends, Andy Tarter (Drums) and Neil Colman (Bass) and I set up a practice on the third floor of the Bean. This is the birth of Rune.

Rune has been playing now for about 5 years. I’m still doing my acoustic thing with a few friends to play along. I’ve played on some of the greatest stages and played some of the greatest dive bars on the east coast. I’m still addicted!

My influences include, but are not limited to, The Band, Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Leon Russell, Billy Preston, Stevie Wonder, Martin Sexton, Dispatch, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy and Tom Waits.


Along with my good friends from RUNE we have released two CD's. Hadrian's Wall and Live @ The Area. On Thursday October 25, 2007 I did a live recording for my next cd. " Live at Stella Blues" There will be more info to follow.

Set List

My set list is different from venue to venue. I adjust my music to fit the crowd. This is a list of some of the music I play.

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, Paul Simon
Bang, Bang, Dispatch
Black Bird, Beatles
Burn One Down, Ben Harper
Bury The Worry, Colby James / Rune
Call Me Al, Paul Simon
City On Down, O.A.R.
Crazy Game Of Polker, O.A.R.
Destiny Can Be Changed, Colby James
Diner, Martin Sexton
Easy, The Commodores
Folsum Prison Blues, Johnny Cash
For What It's Worth, Buffalo Springfield
Frankling Tower, Greatful Dead
Freedom of The Road, Martin Sexton
Friend of The Devil, Greatful Dead
Future, Love, Paridise, Seal
General, Dispatch
Glory Bound, Martin Sexton
I'll Do Anything, Jason Mraz
Kerry's Song, Colby James
Me & Julio, Paul Simon
Ny, Ny, Colby James / Rune
Rocket Man, Elton John
Santeria, Sublime
She Talks To Angels, Black Crows
Steam Roller, James Taylor
Stir It Up, Bob Marley
Stuck In This Town, Colby James
Sympathy For The Devil, Rolling Sto