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2005 - Everly Lane - LP
2002 - Welcome Home - LP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Look up the word INSPIRATION in the dictionary and you will find the following passage: a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation...and if you need someone to elaborate and expand on the definition for you, stick around after his show and engage Colby Logan in a conversation about music and the importance of pursuing your passion in life. Colby is committed to profoundly affecting each and every person he meets with his music and passion for life...and you're no exception!

In the vein of time-less balladeers such as James Taylor, Jim Croce and Jackson Browne, this Texas singer-songwriter reveals his soul in acoustic driven ballads that move through chord changes worthy of nods of approval from James Taylor to John Mayer. Logan's debut solo release, Everly Lane, contains 10 tracks all written or co-written by Logan and 1 bluegrass-influenced cover tune of Tom Petty's 'Wildflowers'. "My main goal with Everly Lane was to create every piece of it as honestly and authentically as I possibly could. This is the main reason why I insisted on producing this first solo album as well; to ensure that I wouldn't hide behind a wall of album production that I didn't create and wouldn't listen to myself."

After graduating college from Texas A&M in May of '97 and a failed attempt to make his first million in the internet boom in Silicon Valley, Colby Logan returned back to his childhood home of Duncanville, TX in April '02 to dedicate his life to music. With an empty pocket book, a notebook full of songs, and a soul full of inspiration he set out to create a vision in the industry that he had seen so many times in his mind and dreams. A flawless, vocal harmony group...a band of individuals, all of whom are vocalists, songwriters and musicians in their own right, but understand the power and joy of collaboration and unselfish accompaniment. And not 2 months after his arrival into the depths of the Deep Ellum music scene he met his flagship collaborator, Jason Dickson, and his first band, Anytown, was born.

"Jason and I used to scope out the venues we wanted to play in any given town...we would then pack up the car with all our gear and head out of town. We would both be making loads of phone calls in the car on the journey...all the while I am burning copies of our demo CD on my laptop and slapping labels on em. We would arrive at the venue, grab the booking person and play a few tunes for him. 90% of the time we walked away with a booked gig on the calender. A couple of times we ended up on stage that night playing a gig because there band had canceled on them that night. Fun, crazy times!"

"Like most, I had initial hopes of immediately finding a committed group of musicians to form a utopian 'American Band'...what I found out was that this can take time and the discovery process can't be rushed. But why wait around for the perfect committed band when there is so much to explore as a solo artist with no creative boundaries and no restrictions to jumping on the road and touring the country...if you're ready, then spread the love! I guess you can kind of say that I have the best of both worlds these days with that ability to play alone or with a group of fine musicians and vocalists."

So, as fate would have it, Colby decided to take a break from his first band, Anytown, and venture out into the world as a solo artist.

"Becoming a solo artist was never in my plans when I started this journey, but what I realized after making the transition was that I had only begun to scratch the surface of my creative ability to write songs, compose music and entertain a live audience. I'm horribly addicted to it now! My mother always had the radio playing when I was younger. She always sang the harmony parts and I would listen attentively to the obscure melodic parts she would sing and then try to mimic it with other songs. I did this exercise enough times with all of the folk-rock classics, like Simon and Garfunkel and CSNY, that I believe the songs I compose are always rooted in the melodies and grooves of that era. When I listen to music, I tend to gravitate towards a song with a groove, melody, and lyrical line that all complement each other perfectly; like they were all conceived together at the exact same time. It's a rare thing when you nail all three facets in a single song, but it's what I strive for every time I sit down to compose."

"I love playing alone these days...but even when I am playing alone, I depend on the crowd to accompany me and support my efforts on stage. I know it sounds a little cheesy and poetic to say that, but it is so true. Whether I am feeding off of my bass player, drummer, the vocal harmonies...or the reaction from the crowd and their's all the same type of creative exercise. I can't get enough of it!"

So what should you expect when you go see a live show? Catch a solo show and you are boun