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Cold Cash

Buffalo, New York, United States | INDIE

Buffalo, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Cold Cash: Interview" Interview

Q: When did you start rapping and was it at this time that you believed that rapping was something that your good at?
A: At the age of 11 and no that was not the age that I started to believe I was good at it. I started to believe that I was good at the age of 13.

Q: How did you get the your stage name?
A: I've always been cool, calm, collected and about my money so when I began to take rap serious I needed a name that would stand out as well as describe me and "cold cash" was a perfect fit.

Q: Where do you see yourself with your music 5 years from now?
A: On the top of the charts. not only on the rapping side but production as well. I see myself as a household name in the next 5 years.

Q: Music always seems to have a purpose, what purpose would you like your music to have on your listeners?
A: To let everybody know that its cool to be you. I speak about my life in my music with hopes that it will encourage somebody to be better.

Q: When will you know that you have hit success?
A: The first time my face touches mainstream television.

Q: If you had to perform with any one person, who would it be? And why?
A: Jay-Z. I say Jay because going into it you know that he's going to give his all and that he can hold his own on stage...without a hype man or 100 people on stage with him.

Q: Now how did you and your crew join together?
A: Da T.R.A.P Boyz Family joined together because of a dance that people were doing in the clubs here in Buffalo, NY. my friend, "Gwop Robinson came to me and said that he wanted to make a song for the dance just to see how the people would respond. We went to work on that asap. The response in the clubs was crazy. From there the movement grew up to 85 people based on the popularity of the music that was coming out of the movement. Da T.R.A.P Boyz Family was born.
Star Gang was united by Virginia rap artist/producer, Young Protege, and Virginia native by way of New Orleans, King Spook. These two reached out to various rap artists/producers from other cities and states to form the super power, Star Gang. two successful singles have come from our Star Gang movement, "autograph" and "look at my kicks".

Q: Do you have any nicknames that you'd like to share?
A: The Posterboy for Swagg.

Q: Music is a competitive place to become big, first how big would you like to get? And big or not, what do you think you can bring to the "game" that's lacking?
A: I would like to be on top of the game. Who wouldn't want to be the king? honesty. I keep it 100 on every verse. I bring good music and versatility to the industry.

Q: What is music to you? and how much of your music makes you who you are as a person?
A: Music is everything to me. It s what feeds my family. Music is a very big part of me because without it there's no telling where I would be or what I would be doing.


"Cold Cash: Up Next"

Johnny "Cold Cash" Goggins is coined as the "posterboy for swag" by just about everybody that speaks on him. He delivers his flows with such a laid back coolness that it's obvious he's been able to completely merge his midwest and upstate NY roots and compile a genuine quality brand that speaks truth in every aspect. Cold Cash grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin & later moved to Buffalo, New York. While his location was altered by 100's of miles, his passion for rapping was unmoved in his journey from extreme cold to bitter freezing.

Informing the massed on Cold Cash is extra easy for me, not only was I privileged to grow up with him like he was my big brother, I also noticed that he had an unparalled grind to many of the folks we ran with that claimed that spitting rhymes would be more than a hobby. When JG said it, he meant it! Yeah, he'll forever be JG to me, but I respect the artist that Cold Cash has grown to BEcome.

Dont'w worry about it if you're unfamiliar with Cold Cash's name or current credits; he continues to BE a mixtape machine, spitting out 6 mixtapes to date, and no doubt in the lab brewing up another dose. "I love the mixtape circuit. It gives us guys without the big name backing and the the large budgets to get as much exposure as you put in."

Cold Cash is the remdy for the mixtape world!He refuses to sit stagnant due to his locale having a smaller market. Cold Cash is ambitiously securing each and every opportunity thrown his way from jumping on tour to hitting the showcase rounds. Cold Cash strongly believes in a grass roots formula and doesn't mind being his own right hand man as long as it gets the job done. "Man I write my own rhymes, mix & do my own beats. I'm my own manager & I do my own graphic designs. Whatever i need, I have right here in house."

With the go get it mentality that Cold cash contains, it's only a matter or miliseconds before he gets the BIG break that he's seeking, but until he does, you can be assured that he's having fun giving the fans as much of his swagged out lyrical uproar as possible. - BE Entertained Magazine


Doin' Just Fine - 2010
Huh Man - 2010
Tonight Is Yours - 2009/2010
Fast Money, Cash Money - 2010
Center Of Attention - 2010
Throw Ya Money Roll - 2010

Looking Over The Haters
Clock Work
Operation Shut-Down The Studio
Upstate Southern Movement

Amero - Coming Soon



Rapper Cold Cash also known as The Poster Boy for Swagg began rapping and producing at the age of 15. Now years later Cold Cash is a very popular rapper and has built a fan base throughout the eastern region. His lyrical content is so potent; his lyrics put you in a place that allows you to see the actions he speaks. His lyrics alone flow like a movie script. His talent and drive allows his creativity to take him to another level where he creates music tracks for the ladies and music that can draw you to the dance floor.

Cold Cash has opened for some of the industry’s hottest stars such as Soulja Boy, Juelz Santana, Lil Mama, Pop It Off Boyz, V.I.C, Nicki Minaj, and Donnie Klang. He has been interviewed by one of Atlanta’s top magazines “Be Entertained” as well as an up and coming magazine out of Canada “Vibe88”. When asked about why he chose to start rapping and why he stills work hard every day to pursue his dreams and make a career out of rapping. He answered with this “Seeing and hearing other artists that don’t have half the talent I have making garbage music and Making it so I figured why can’t I?” Cold Cash wears many hats and with a strong connection to the streets, Cold Cash has a business sense like no other.

Cold Cash is signed to So Focused Music Group and has released his single
“Doin’ Just Fine” from his highly anticipated album “Amero” which will be released under So Focused Music Group/Island Def Jam. This album will be his first studio album recorded, mixed, and mastered by himself. He has released five mixtapes such as “Looking Over The Haters” “Operation Shut Down The Studio” “Clockwork” and a few more.

Cold Cash was born Johnny Goggins in Milwaukee, WI and now resides in Buffalo, NY where he has made a name for himself. He has worked with artist from buffalo such as the T.R.A.P. Boyz, Money Mitch, RichLove, Garin Tee, and many others. He has also worked with many other artist outside of Buffalo which is how he found his manager Christine Carter also Known As Protégé from Virginia as well as Miami rapper R&B. As he writes in “I Gets It In” – “ To me the booth is equivalent to pavement grind so hard don't know where my day went”