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"Loudoun Is Doomed"

"This singers voice sounds like agony distilled in sound." - Loudoun Times-Mirror

"Definitely, no question about it this is straight up METAL!"

Definitely, no question about it this is straight up METAL! I would say Death Metal, but not the kind that’s speedy and erratically fast. There is plenty of shredding on guitar and vocals that would wake the dead, but no mile-a-minute riffs here. The pace is calm, but the music is still heavy-hittin’!
Coldcast is made up of Davy Sheets on guitar, Tom Janule on guitar, Kevin Elder on drums, James Talaske on vocals and Tyler Haskell on bass. When listening to this album, I picked up right away that these Virginia natives were well-versed all around. Each member had a role in the band and from the sound of things they were able to bring all together. Solid Sound from the entire band, so thumbs on that aspect!
I have to say though lead singer, James Talaske, really scared the hell out of me when hearing his monstrous delivery. The change of voice to emulate an almost evil-like and menacing presence is evident throughout the record. Now, speaking in terms of Heaven and Hell the feel of the music would definitely lean more toward the side of Hell, in my opinion and figuratively speaking of course.
I am blown away by bands like this where singers can scream at the top of their lungs, yet still have a voice by the end of the day let alone say 10 years down the road! By also distorting their voice at a drop of a hat just seems so unnatural to your voice box, but does seem to pay off for some. I really respect this distinctive art and give major props to vocalists that are able to withstand the punishment and time—ACDC Forever! So Talaske, I applaud you for accomplishing this feat—job well done!
Overall, I would say this record exhibits a lot of potential in the realm of Death/Scary-ASS Metal and Coldcast may be on their way. Now, this isn’t my type of music but that’s what makes the world go around—VARIETY. It is the spice of life and if your spice is Metal with a heavy dash of the dark side, then Coldcast is your perfect remedy. Also like to add looking into the future of Coldcast, love to hear more of Talaske’s real voice next time. Hearing a true and natural voice mixed in with the rest might add a refreshing dimension to their music. Just an insightful thought and helpful comment I wanted to offer. So then, Eight new songs to SKOPE out– take a listen and hear it for yourself.

Words By: Jimmy Rae - Skope Magazine

"Skope Magazine's Artist to watch, August 2008"

Unlike a lot of hardcore metal bands, Coldcast, from Newport News, Virginia, writes deep intellectual songs that get a brain to thinking. JR Talaske, the vocalist, moves easily from typical hardcore delivery to lyrical singing and back. It’s a startling switch but is very effective and assures that fans will hear and understand the words.

Words by Janie Franz
- SKope Magazine


4 song demo (2001)
5 song EP (2004)
Self titled album (2007)
CMJ new music compilation, Respawn records compilation.

WNOR and WXMM in Norfolk, VA
WGLS Glassboro, NJ
WSJU Jamaica, NY
CSCR Scarborough, ON
WARG Summit, IL
WOBX Nags Head, N.C.
WUPX Marquette, MI
WCCM Randolph, NJ
WDBK Blackwood, NJ
WSCW Worcester, MA
KURA Ouray, CO
WLUR Lexington, VA
KSUN Rohnert Park, CA
XTSR Towson, MD
WMCX Longbranch, NJ
WSUP Platteville, WI
WMLN Milton, MA
KCSS Turlock, CA
WUMM Machias, ME
WRDP Chicago, IL Cincinnatti, OH
WLTL LaGrange, IL
WMVL Purchase, NY
WDWN Auburn, NY
KGAR Lemoore, CA
URH Hilo, HI.




Hailing from the nation's shipbuilding capitol Newport News VA. Coldcast fuses a "working class" ethic with modern American metal. Drawing on influences like Faith no more, Mr. Bungle, Candiria, Death (Chuck Shouldiner) Ozzy (of course Randy Rhodes!), Coldcast brings a unique mix to heavy music. Attention being focused on individual musicianship, and songwriting. Each member brings the very best his instrument can offer the song.
True veterans of the stage, Coldcast have been performing as a band since 2000. Proving show after show that "We LOVE doing this". Coldcast have played at national venues such as the NorVa theater in Norfolk VA, the Recher theatre and Club Mate in Baltimore MD. Coldcast have also opened for signed acts like Silent Civilian (Mediaskare) and Interlock (Anticulture). More recently, Coldcast played a showcase at the 12th Annual Millennium Music Conference (MMC12) in Harrisburg, PA. Coldcast have won numerous "battle" contests, including winning "Best band in Hampton Roads" in the 2007 Emergenza Worldwide battle of the bands.
Independently releasing their debut self-titled album in November 2007, Coldcast sold 500 units in 3 months. With cd sales on the rise, Coldcast are looking to expand into new markets via terrestrial/satellite radio. Digital outlets such as i-Tunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and currently sell the CD.

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