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"Raw beats, raw lyrics and a live show that will have you rushing the bar to acquire a frosty beverage to cool down, that’s what happens when you are Coldcokt by this Sacramento trio. Three emcees with varying styles and the common ability to rock a mic with energy and passion." Fringe band to know


Coldcokt was formed in late 2004 as a project between rapper/producer The Rooster and producer/manager Jeremiah Bond. The two wanted to bring an energetic sound to the underground lyric styles that they loved in other groups. The name was chosen as a mission statement: Being Coldcokt was being hit so hard that all thoughts and preconceptions were knocked out of your head.
In early 2005 Coldcokt partnered with rap duo TNC, consisting of fast (and often irreverent) rappers C-dope and Tragedy. The three rappers worked well together sparking the idea that Coldcokt could be an evolving project with multiple influences. Later that same year Rooster noticed the potential in Big D a relative newcomer to the Hip Hop scene. D was brought in as a feature for the title track to the groups first EP entitled “Call to Arms”. Once again the studio chemistry was immediate and Coldcokt added yet another M.C. to its ranks. Over the next couple years Coldcokt would self release two EP’s while perfecting a live show that keeps fans coming back for more. In 2007 Tragedy parted ways with the group although his voice will still be a prominent figure in the group’s upcoming full length album, set for a release in early 2009. Always in the studio working on new party songs and high energy live favorites, Coldcokt will continue to challenge the perception of Hip Hop and the music industry in general with their unique sound and style.


"Call to Arms" E.P.
"Coldcokt the E.P."

Set List

We have a 30min opening set or an hour long headlining set.
The opener consists of "Red Carpet", "Savage", "Heavy Weights", "Earthquake", "Why Not", and "In My Eyes"
The headliner set consists of
"Next Big Thing”, Trouble Makers", "Red Carpet", "Live Drunk and Hardcore", "Crazy", "Dark Side", "In my Eyes", "Heavy Weights", "Savage", "Why not", "Emotion", "Watch Out", "Earthquake". Each member of the group will also perform a verse in accapella at various times throughout the set to test the crowd’s reaction to new material.