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"Coldest Night of the Year Gears Up for EP Release: Download of the Week"

Coldest Night of the Year, a Regina-based indie rock four-piece, are set to release their debut EP this Friday, April 5, at The Exchange.

Comprised of several familiar Queen City scene veterans from bands such as Library Voices, Geronimo and This Machine is a Fountain, Coldest Night of the Year have been steadily playing shows throughout the province, and have been included in the recent Gateway Festival line-up announcement.

Despite their chilly name, Coldest Night of the Year is a heartfelt, blue-collar rock group whose business is crafting warm-blooded, rough-hewn pop songs. With their EP being both anthemic and danceable, this Regina group have crafted a formula that explores limitless possibilities paired with a simple mandate to pound out the jams.

Appearing with Coldest Night of the Year is Nick Faye & the Deputies and Gunner. Additionally, Miss Planette, who did the art for Coldest Night of the Year’s shirts and EP, will have prints of her other work for sale that night as well.

- Omniocity

"Some People Just Make it Look Easy"

Half a year ago, Regina band Coldest Night of the Year didn’t exist. Yet, since their inception in November, they’ve become one of the most talked-about bands around town, and they have a record ready to be released. On April 5, the six-song, self-titled EP will be made available at the band’s record release show at the Exchange.

While still a relatively new band, the idea is something guitarist/frontman Chris Matchett and bassist Wolfond have been thinking about for some time now.

“Me and Jon had been talking about getting a band together for a long time, and it just never really worked out … then, one night, I was playing a show opening for Everlast at the Pump, and I wanted to get a band together,” said Matchett.

Wolfond also said the band has been able to churn out material as quickly as they have because “it’s really easy to write with these guys.”

Although, not everyone in the band has found it to be as easy as Wolfond.

“It hasn’t been easy. It’s been manageable, but I think it’s just chemistry. We’re all good friends and have known each other for years and years. It was something we were all looking for; Carl [Johnson] wanted a break from what he was doing with Library Voices, and I just wanted to do something with somebody else,” said Matchett.

Along with the inevitable hard work that goes into playing in a band and writing a record, Matchett said the collective experiences of the members’ playing with different groups throughout the years has also made things come together as smoothly as they have.

“We’ve been working really hard getting the songs down, working hard in the studio,” Matchett said. “We’ve all been doing this separately or together for a long time, so we know what’s up. We took all of our combined experience and put it towards a single goal.”
Save one song Matchett had written prior to the band’s existence, every song on the EP “is the product of us writing together as a band over the last couple of months,” said Matchett.

“Most of the songs on the record are the first songs we wrote, the first couple of jams,” Wolfond added. “We’ve only been a band for five or six months, but we haven’t had to toss a song away yet. Everything we write we feel strongly about.”

Even during the interview, both Matchett and Wolfond seemed a bit surprised with the pop hooks permeated in the band’s tunes.

“We want to move units,” Matchett said with a laugh. “Art for its own sake is good, but…”

“We never had that in our minds when were writing. We never thought we were going to write something for a specific group of people or anything, but that’s how it turned out,” Wolfond added.

It seems terribly far away with the amount of snow that’s still outside, but Coldest Night of the Year already has some plans for the summer, including more shows and prepping their next release.

“We’re going to spend the summer doing gigs and writing, and we want to do a full-length in the fall,” said Matchett.

“We’re hoping to go out west, hoping to do some festivals,” Wolfond added.

Coldest Night of the Year’s EP release show is at the Exchange on April 5, with Nick Faye & the Deputies and Gunner opening the show. Tickets are $10 and will be available at the doors, which open at 8 p.m. - The Carillon

"Tiny vs The Benjamins"

Chris Matchett has seen some tough rooms playing acoustic shows.

“Towards the end, I was getting worn down by playing rooms where people were talking over the music,” says Matchett. “Now, I’m back in a four-piece band; I don’t have to worry about hearing that anymore.”

The four piece in question is Coldest Night of the Year. They’re a Regina band Matchett formed this past fall. The impetus? An opening slot for an Everlast show at the Pump that Matchett didn’t want to play solo.

Actually, he didn’t manage to get a group together for that show but he still started jamming with bassist Jon “Bronco” Wolfond and former Geronimo drummer Garret Matheis.

All three agreed: they needed another guitar player.

“Lo and behold, Carl Johnson [from Library Voices and College Kids] was back in town from Edmonton and all points beyond and he texted me asking me about jamming and getting something going, so we all got together one night at the jam spot and wrote three songs,” says Matchett. Next time we got together, we wrote another one. We started to click right away.”

In fact, the four musicians clicked so much, they were already in the process of recording a six-song EP when I talked with them. With the help of producer Luc Hart of Agonal, they hope to have the record ready for release in a few months.

Matchett’s a busy man but he’s enthusiastic about the process of recording.

“I’m working full-time at the casino, plus I’m part-time at the pub [O’Hanlon’s, where he toils under his ironic nom de bounce, Tiny]. But I mean, I’m getting up there where this is pretty much my last kick at the can. This is number one for me right now.”

- Prairie Dog Magazine


Self-titled EP - April 1, 2013 (Digital), April 5, 2013 (CD)



"...both anthemic and danceable, this Regina group have crafted a formula that explores limitless possibilities paired with a simple mandate to pound out the jams."
- Chris Morin,

The pine trees start each winter green; yet imbibed with the wisdom of hardship. Raw truth flows at 40 below, and Christopher Matchett reads the impact off wind tempered faces.

“I see it all. Break-ups, bad choices...” says Matchett, frontman of the band, Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY). He’s spent many nights with a different line of sight, from a stool at the front door of a pub. He says thi...s view sparks his mass of inspiration, “there’s a truth in the drama, and I couldn’t sing about it if I hadn’t lived it.”
Matchett is a warrior poet, a troubadour in the body of a lineman. But even the largest voice can be muted by a liquor-fed pub crowd and he says he needed back-up to transcend the rabble. “I’m the what, these guys are the how. I was tired of hearing people’s conversations over my songs. With a four-piece band it is not a problem.”
Jon “Bronco” Wolfond stands between an 8x10 stack amplifier, an orange cabinet and a drum kit in the narrows of a soundproof converted garage. His thumb twists the tuning peg in search of the right pitch as he’s handed a bottle of Irish whiskey. He says, the group coalesced in fall of 2012, when he joined with Matchett and realigned with former bandmate (This Machine is a Fountain, SheKilsMe) journeyman drummer Garett Mathies. “We started out adapting Tiny’s (Matchett) existing material but by the end of jam one had put together our own songs.”
Creative chemistry was evident from the first jam, yet all agreed they should add a second guitarist. “We had a few guys interested in a try out, but once we jammed with Carl, the formula was complete.” Says Matchett of multi-instrumentalist and sometime vocalist Carl Johnson (Library Voices).
With all pieces in place, the band distilled their sound over the darkest part of winter. Songwriting progressed quickly and by the outset of 2013, they entered Blue Door Studio with producer Luc Hart (Agonal).
Many nights, crowds and tilted glasses have passed in the meantime, and CNOY is now set to release their debut EP. The record will emerge with the Spring melt and the band will spend the warm months on the road in support of it.

- Danny Kresnyak

Coldest Night of the Year is currently putting the finishing touches on their debut recording, a self-titled 6 song EP, with producer/engineer Luc Hart. Following its release digitally (April 1st) and on CD (April 5th), they are embarking on a Western Canadian tour in early summer to promote the new release with dates including Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria. Near the end of Summer 2013, an Eastern Canadian tour is being planned out through Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. Applications have been sent out to numerous festivals including Calgary’s Sled Island, and Saskatchewan's Ness Creek, and they have recently confirmed dates for Bengough, Saskatchewan’s Gateway Music Festival and Saskatoon's Mosofest. A 7" split of new material is also in the works for mid-summer.

Coldest Night will be entering the studio again to begin recording their first full length album in Fall 2013, in which the writing process is already underway.

Check out a live video of our song "Set Sail" that we teamed up with Echolands Creative to make in February 2013: