Heavy lyrics, intricate guitar riffs, and bass lines, with doses of keys and synth effects


Introducing one of today’s most original bands... Coldfish!!!

Jim Beam said..."It's just a matter of time for that band" (to be discovered) ...
As front man and lead vocalist, Jimmi Dent’s passion for music shines through in his energetic performances. His 'down-home' personality keeps him grounded and provides a unique personal experience for each audience member.

Here's a little about each band member:

Jimmi Dent- With roots in Philadelphia and New Orleans, Jimmi just recently returned from recording in Nashville with Songwriter Charley Shultz. His voice will have you hooked from the first note, grab you, and hold you throughout the performance.

Robi Carlyle– A dynamic drummer, born in New York City, but has been living and playing by the sea for over 25 years. Robi was the drummer for the “Jimmy Muffet”, the house band at The Barn in Sea Isle.

Kenny – A versatile player, Kenny dies on stage every Friday and Saturday, when he plays blazing guitar riffs, back up vocals, and acoustic guitar for the band. Ken is a 20 year veteran musician and engineer who has recorded for and toured with artists like Bucket Hat, and Dirty Harry. He also plays, electric guitar, bass guitar, and can sing either lead or background vocals.


Longway Home - LP 2007

Set List

We play different sets for different audiences. Generally, though, we play around 50% original songs, and just jam on covers throughout.