Cold Ground & Low Sky

Cold Ground & Low Sky


With a perfect blend of indie rock, punk, and a little blues, Cold Ground & Low Sky combines their power and intensity with delicate brilliance. Cold Ground & Low Sky is the vocalizing style and bravado of Eddie Vedder, with the fierce guitar swagger of Kings of Leon.


This four piece rock band hails from Southern Wisconsin, and its members are just finishing up their first two years at UW-Madison and MSU-Mankato. Lead singer and guitarist Lee Henke met lead guitarist Ryan Acker in the first few days of school at UW-Oshkosh, quickly noted their songwriting ability together, and began writing. Ryan introduced Lee to his lifelong friend, and bassist, Ian Morland, and along with Lee’s 18 year old nephew and drummer, Tony, the band was formed within the first couple months of meeting.

Their music is intelligent, powerful, creative, and real. There is nothing over the top or fake about this band. Cold Ground & Low Sky brings the soul back to rock and roll.


Days Go By, But They're Just Days EP

Set List

10 to 15 original compositions