Cold Haze

Cold Haze

 Inverness, Scotland, GBR

Cold Haze are a New Wave band from Inverness, Scotland, with an ear for good melody and a dance based rhythm section


Cold Haze formed in mid-2009 in the city of Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland. We decided to form the band with a mutual love of all things music and video gaming, which quickly became one of our main influences, taking inspiration from Final Fantasy and Sonic the Hedgehog titles. We prefer to keep our live shows to a minimum, so we can stay rehearsed throughout the year and rarely turn a gig down. We do this by utilising Drum Machines and Backing Tracks to fill out our sound on stage, which results in a tight, immersive experience with a focus on texture and beats. We feel that we are set apart from other bands in the area by employing Synths, Piano and Electric Guitars to compliment the songs, which are crafted over a painstaking process often taking months to finish a song completely.


Chilly Fog (2010)
1. Fast Burn
2. The Start of Something
3. A Place to Hide (1)
4. The Machine
5. The Machine (Reprise)

Chilly Fog (Remaster) (2011)
1. The Start of Something (Remix)
2. Far Underground, Creatures Kill
3. The Machine (Remix)
4. A Place to Hide (1) (Remix)
5. Necron Out of Fucking Nowhere (Sample)
6. A Place to Hide (2)
7. Fast Burn (Remix)
8. The Chocobos Waltz (8 Bit Version)


Cold Haze Promo (2011)
1. The Start of Something (Promo Edit)
2. Far Underground Creatures Kill
3. A Place to Hide (2)
4. Fast Burn

Set List

We make a note of changing our set list each show, but a list of performed songs, totally around 50 minutes, are: -

Fast Burn
The Machine
Dance Bitch
A Place to Hide (1)
A Place to Hide (2)
UN Owen Was Her? (Touhou: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Cover)
Giant Fish Attacks a Viking Ship
The Start of Something
Coast to Coast
Far Underground Creatures Kill
Flying Battery (Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Cover)