Miami, Florida, USA



First, I would like to thank you in advance for allowing me to submit my music. My legal name is “Colson Ladouceur” and my stage name is “Cole”. I am a twenty –five year old male R&B singer that was born and raised in Miami Florida.

My goal is to create and provide the public with music that will be demanded from generation to generation. I am determined to make a difference within the R&B genre!

I was blessed with the talent to write R&B, reality music, club, crossover material. I have performed in variety of clubs, talent shows, and special events. In addition, I have opened up for a variety of major artist that performed in Miami. Moreover, I have been writing music for a period of fourteen years, so I know as an artist dedication, determination, and patience are a virtue.

My music will definitely make an impact on the world because my lyrics come from the heart and my songs are a mixture of poetry and reality. The songs that I create are based on my real life situations that everybody experience, so please from all walks of life will be able to relate to my lyrics. My music definitely has the potential to reach out and touch multiple markets and my songs have catchy hooks!


1.Field Mob - Crutch -(featuring Off Glass I was a member of the R&B group)
2. Cole featuring Donte - Set It off
3. Cole featuring Diderot - Keep Doing It
4. Cole - Tonight
5. Piccalo featuring Off Glass - Big Money Baller