Colebrook Road

Colebrook Road

 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Winners of the bluegrass band competition at the 2014 Watermelon Park Festival as well as West Virginia's 2011 Pickin' in the Panhandle Bluegrass Festival, Colebrook Road combines traditional straight-drive bluegrass with technical playing, modern tonalities, pristine 3-part harmonies, and original songwriting.


Drive through central Pennsylvania's countryside and you're bound to end up crossing one of the many thoroughfares called Colebrook Road. Take a listen to the sound of hard-driving original bluegrass and you'll find a band that shares the same name comprised of members from vast musical backgrounds. The band started as a bunch of guys living in the Harrisburg, PA area connected by a love of acoustic music. Since then, the group has changed and expanded through many shows across the mid-atlantic region and the release of its first full length studio album featuring 10 original songs. With a sound that combines traditional straight-drive bluegrass with modern tonalities, technical playing, tight vocal harmonies, and a unique voice based on large amounts of original composition, Colebrook Road brings interest and excitement to their music and their audience.


Colebrook Road- self-titled- Released November 2012

Track Listing: 1. Conewago Clay 2. Both Sides of the Line 3. Misfire 4. Dry Ground Blues 5. Something in the Night 6. Without You 7. Coyote 8. Grandma's Cookin' 9. The Colorado Kind 10. Sun Up Sun Down

 Conewago Clay, the first single, as well as The Colorado Kind, Both Sides of the Line, and Coyote have received airplay on Harrisburg station Red 102.3, and also on Dickinson College station WDCV 88.3 in Carlisle.