Cole Risner

Cole Risner


I'm a Texas singer songwriter. I grew up listening to guys like Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Guy Clark. I have a passion for songwriting and feel that shows through my music.

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Written By: Cole Risner

I've got a girl but she dont love me
And there ain't nothing I can do about it
I could climb to the mountain top and shout it
but she wouldn't hear me at all

She don’t write, she don’t care
she won’t let me know that shes doing fine
I think about her all the time
But she won’t answer when I call

CH: Shes got a different kind
Of hold on me
Shes got a different kind of hold

Hair so brown and eyes so blue
Girl there ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t do for you
I’d catch you a tiger and lasso the moon
just for fun

And I’d whistle you a tune every single day
Maybe just to hear you finally say
That you’ll love me soon honey but not today
What have I done

Well I’ve know many girls in my life
But none as stubborn as this one
I think she watches me cry just for fun
She may not have a heart

You tell me to move on that theres
Plenty a women around
Whats so special about her that I’ve found
And I’ll tell you where do I start

The Grandfather Song

Written By: Cole Risner

I will shine my shoes this morning
Cause I’m going to a funeral
They will lay to rest my grandfather
Cause its time for him to go home

My granddaddy was a roughneck
He did it cause he had a kid on the way
He was never too much into religion
But he woke like he owed it to God

He smoked since he was a little kid
It was the only he could kill the pain
Then he woke one morning and said I aint doing this no more
And it was gone like a sweet Texas rain

Well one day his love went before him
He held on for a week or so
The doctor said it was time for him
I guess his heart couldn’t stay broke anymore