Living somewhere between introspection and explosion, Colette is a rock band that might surprise quite a few listeners. the music changes colors and moods like pink ripping through the darkest shades of gray, while Colette's lyrics overlook the everyday landscape of modern life with a zest of irony


The core of Colette is first of all a long friendship between Guillaume and Gabriel. Having met in Montreal in '93, they formed Odilostile shortly after. A few years later, without giving up the idea of an original project, they however took different paths. Guillaume has been seen with world music group Syncop, while Gabriel has been mostly performing on the jazz scene. It was in 2005, with fresh material, that they decided to form Colette.
Colette's music, bringing to life Guillaume's introspective and ironic lyrics, creates a rather dark sound, although one could also detect kitch tendencies. Mélisande's voice certainly found a way to reconciliate the two worlds. The raw sounding but peculiar guitars of Gabriel, and the aggressive touch of Guillaume on the drums, also ensure the cohesion of the ensemble. Using an imaginative palette of synthetic colors, Jean-François creates a mesmerizing ambiance, while Greg's bass lines drive the group's dancing presence.


L'album sortira sous peu, restez a l'écoute!

album out very soon. stay tuned!

Set List

two sets of aprox. 35 min. each. total songs: 12

no covers for now.