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Boundary breaking rock. Both in French and in English, JF knows how to rock his audience. - Etienne Dumon - Generation Rock Radio (now CKOY)


"Un rock francophone qu'on attendait en ESTRIE"
**Trans.: French rock that we have been waiting for in the Eastern Townships. - Dan Houle - Generation Rock Radio

"Manure Farms and Music"

"The little town of Lennoxville, Quebec is home to a paper mill and an experimental manure farm. Between the wind gusts, a breath of fresh air can be enjoyed for twenty one minutes and fourteen seconds: The approximate length of time of JF Coley's debut release, "Extended Play". Relationships seem to be the fulcrum of the subject matter on this six song EP, but with an active tour schedule of performances Coley has been able to hone his skills and provide listeners with no-nonsense modern rock. What makes this release so enjoyable is that while the lyrics are succinct, their meanings are ambiguous enough to allow listeners the pleasure of interpreting who or what they are about. Still, they convey Coley's emotions of longing, heartbreak and wonder. The real treat then, comes from the musicianship: Reminiscent of 1990s gimmick free alternative rock and a hint of the classic rock influence we've all come to know and love at the most appropriate times. There exists an equal distribution of upbeat and down tempos such that Coley's music can be enjoyed with the volume turned way up on sunny days, or have the volume low when you need help squeezing out any tears: Or any variation of emotions in between. The beauty of "Extended Play" is that there is something for everyone at any time." - Zaheed Bardai - Musical Director - CJMQ 88.9

"Coley and band had Gaiterstock Bopping"

Bishop's is back in business and this year's Gaiterstock festival was full of high energy, entertainment musicians, including the local sounds from JF Coley, that welcomed first year students in style.

[...] Once Coley tuned up his guitar and Jocelyn Blanchette drummed up a couple of beats, the crowds came back in droves. Spectators that were dressed in tye-dye and bell bottoms bopped, skipped and swayed to sounds that seemed familiar, but yet had their own life entirely.

Coley, 25, showed exceptional stage presence and knew exactly how to read his audience. He introduced each song, all originals, with a twist that any first year university student could relate to, especially "Soap Box", which he wrote to help listeners stand up for something they believe in.

Coley says he refuses to write corny love songs. Each song on his two professionally recorded CDs are aimed at bringing music back to what it once was, a lesson or a chance to come to terms with something.

"I have been playing music since I was three and I remember songs I grew up with," said the teacher. "Music used to tell a story that inspired people and that is what I want to do. I focus hard on never imitating another sound or artist. In fact, if I wrote something that soudns like someone else then I will redo it completely."

Coley says his dream is to help introduce local bands in the Eastern Townships to a variety of new sounds.

He says he was fortunate enough to perform one week with a punk band, and the next with a rock band, and that experience has helped him produce his very own sound.

"That is why I am starting a new radio show on CJMQ," said the young artist whose voice sounds like a pot-pourri of different artists such as Steven Tyler and Jeff Healy, to name a few. "Out West, bands have their own sound, as do any other from different provinces, but there is no such thing as a sound that is original to the Eastern Townships, yet. There are a number of talented young musicians here but they need to become familiar with other influences and that is what I would like to help them do."

Coley and guitarist/vocalist Phil Downey gave a stirring performance of "Wake Up" that had fans swaying in agreement.

"I'm essentially bilingual," said Coley before leading into the original song aimed at Quebec politics.

Coley has mastered an original sound, with the popular grooves and beats that make you want to dance, and if there were to be an Eastern Townships sound; this would be it. His fans demonstrated how much they approved with a deafening cheer when he bid good night and good luck.

"They were awesome," said Gaiterstock leader Lisa Wagner. "They have lots of energy and it was a great ending to the day." - The Sherbrooke Record - Jen Young

"Luck Media digs Coley"

"did you ever listen to early David Bowie, the Man Who Sold the World album? [Coley has] that quality in songwriting and performance.. [Bowie] was one of my faves back then!!" - Luck Media - Steve Levesque

"A real JEWEL"

4 stars out of 4

HELLO record labels! Quickly get your hands on this independent album, or else you will be missing an incredible opportunity. Like, a music star who could sell millions of album in the near future. Because for his second album, Coley has succeeded in creating a real jewel. All the mistakes of a sophomoric album were avoided: forget about adolescent themes, simplistic melodies, cookie-cutter arrangements, failed experimentations and below average mixing. Rather, Coley demonstrates a mature writing style, and a great musical versatility. The Sherbrooke native goes from modern rock to pop rock, while taking a side road through folk rock and instrumental works (not to be outdone), while keeping his musical identity intact. Not an easy thing to do, we all know.

Please note that behind the mixing board was Jordon Zadorozny, who has also worked with Courtney Love, and produces albums for Sam Roberts and Melissa Auf Der Maur. This kind of gives you an idea of what the final product is like.

Bonus points for ten solid tracks

Minus points for only having a limited release - Sherbrooke Tribune - Andre Laroche


Extended Play - 2004
Crossing the Rubicon - 2006
V.O.A. (version originale anglaise) - 2008*** in studio

****Guest Spots/contributions****
Isaac Neto - 2005 (guitar, JF)
Conduct Becoming - 2002



Coley is a "post-grunge 60's British pop" band, with a working resume as long as the Transcanadian Highway. Remaining indie since its inception in 2004, the band has banged the planks with some of Canada's top artists, and has produced two radio hits on Generation Rock radio.
COLEY headed to Los Angeles in 2003 to record an EP with pop producer Mike K. The album would go on to sell 1000 copies, and earn some radio time.
Described as “Post-Grunge 60’s Pop”, COLEY wanted their next effort to focus on the musicality of the band. They found the right element of production in Jordon Zadorozny (Sam Roberts, Courtney Love), for their second release “Crossing the Rubicon”. The album received great reviews, and produced two radio singles that dominated the charts for four months, falling behind only Green Day, on Generation Rock’s countdown.
COLEY is now working on their third album, tentatively titled “V.O.A.”. The album will feature many talented artists with whom Coley has shared the stage. The band has toured Ontario and the Maritimes, performed at several venues around Quebec, and has opened for April Wine, David Usher, The Trews, Sloan, Steve Hill, Shawn Philips, etc… COLEY now features David Jalbert on bass, Joce Blanchette on drums, and JF Coley on vocals and guitar.