Victoria, Minnesota, USA

Imagine a baby created by The Doors and Red Hot Chili Peppers! The debut Album from the Norths Funkiest...COLFAX This album is full of funky guitar riffs, heavy blues, and a rhythm section guaranteed to get the whole party moving!

Colfax is THE new generation of Funk/Rock!


Colfax is a creative and energetic Funk/Rock/Roots band formed in Minneapolis during the spring of 2004. What differentiates them from most bands is the brotherhood that exists among band members. Having grown up and lived together, Colfax believes strongly in the music created and direction they are headed.

Their sound encompasses a wide variety of styles such as rock, funk, and heavy blues. In addition, these styles are spun with a heavy and unique funky twist that gives it a fresh new sound. Most of all, they pour everything they have into their music and the energy created during live performances directly reflects this.

Colfax is THE new generation of Funk/Rock!

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Beginning last fall Colfax entered Bodog’s World Wide Battle of the Bands for a spot on a reality series and a One Million dollar record deal. The competition started off with 10,000 bands around the world for only one to be the winner. The battle began with an online vote advancing us and 98 other Minnesota bands to an audition round at the 7th St. Entry. Once again Colfax advanced in front of a sold out crowd leading us to the Regional Finals on the Main stage at First Avenue. In the regional finals our performance along with our crowds support (showing up in two packed school buses) we advanced to the National Finals at the House of Blues in Chicago. Unfortunately we did not make it to the World Finals Reality Show but feel extremely proud of our ability to make it to the Final 20 bands out of 10,000 around the world.

3 Summers ago Colfax joined the Ourstage competition for a spot at the 10,000 lakes music festival. Out of 500 bands we won a spot at the 2008 10,000 Lakes Festival.

**Venues Played**

First Ave. Main Room
7th St. Entry
House of Blues Chicago Main Room
The Fine Line
The Cabooze
Varsity Theatre
What’s Up Lounge
Parkway Theatre
Turf Club
Red Carpet
Melvin's on The Lake
Suburban World Theatre
The Nomad
400 Bar
The Termainal
Red Sea
The Annex
-Many More-

**Festivals Played**

10,000 Lakes Festival – Detroit Lakes, Mn

Freedom Fest – McGregor, Mn

Effit Fest – Osseo, WI

DogStock – Melvern, Ks
JamFest West, MN

** Bands we've played with**
Digital Underground
Eyedea & Abilities
Nappy Roots
God Johnson
Enchanted Ape
Rhinestone Diplomats
Fat Maw Rooney
The Limns
Down Lo
Uncle Shurley
Como Sapiens
Gold Standard
Useful Jenkins
Shoeless Revalution
Sepia Tone
Sol Spectre
Stealin Strings
Dread I Dread
Smokin Bandits
Irie Sol
Northern Drift
Favorite Station
Sunshine Behavior
Scarlett Haze
Mega Watts
Many others


James “Taco” Martin
The Cabooze
E Company Productions
Mpls., MN 55458
P.O.B. 581486

MJG Productions
Managing, Booking and Promoting
Karley Sue Peters
(651) 699-5068 Office
(651) 646-2356 Fax

Louis Plocher
Floyd’s Bar
952-443-9944 Ext. 2

Josh Clutchka
Concert Promoter 612-388-9537

Oz Enterprises


We have one Current album out "Get LostGet Found"
List of tracks:

Great Unknown
Deep Down
Get LostGet Found
Just Like the Way
Good Things (Our Single)
Phat Ol' Wilderness
Traveled Up
Apache Funk

Many of our songs are frequently played on on local radio stations as well as internet radio stations.

Set List

We have a wide range of set lists.
It all depends on the length of the performance.
Typically for one to two hour shows we'll play all origianls with maybe a few covers, which we've added our own little flavor too.
We have a wide range of covers from Chilli peppers, sublime, the band, the meters, the rolling stones, The doors and Pink Floyd, just to name a few. We have roughly 40-50covers we know.