Col Finley

Col Finley


Col finley is the most amazing Singer/songwriter that Australia has to offer with awards and accolade from all over the world, Col has a new style of music called Industrial Country it a combine mix of blues rock and funk with a country style vocals which Col invented for the world market.


Col Finley has been affectionately known as "Australia's Best Kept Secret" for some years.
But if 2006 is anything to go by,that is all gonna change in 2007.with a new album and a major tour thru Australia this year and with songs been pitch
for film and a song put on hold by USA major Artist "Trace Atkins" Col has his sights set high.

Col lastest album"Only The Truth" is an outstanding collection Songs Penned by Col and Produced by internationaly acclaimed Producer "Micheal Flanders"

His Talent as a songwriter and international recording artist are now getting the recognition that richly deserved with two years of top five nominations in Male Vocal and Songwriter of the year, plus his first two video singles hitting the Number One Spot on the Australian Charts

as well as having a song "Devils Ride" of his First Album " Before the Storm" selected for the hit Australian Movie "Wolf Creek" which was a box office hit around the world.

Col also host a very sucessful tour for the last four years Called "USA Music Hot Spot" and he performs in Chicago, St Louie, Memphis, Nashvllie and Austin Texas for his Australian and USA Fans

Col is currently working on his fourth album which is due for release 2007 and in Col's word is going to be the "biggest project Australian Country Music Will ever Hear"
People find it easy to relate to Col and his music becuase he writes and sings straight from the heart he is anything but pretentious superstar and is only to happy to make time for the people that make him who he is today "his Fans"

So if you hear the name dont miss the music cause their one thing you can be sure of.
"He wont be a secret for to much longer"


Million Miles

Written By: Col Finley

Motel rooms, neon signs, a picture of you baby by my bedside at night
i dream of you, i feel you their, i count your breaths and feel your every tear
Million miles from your kisses, million miles from your smile and pray our love will come one day instead of been a million miles away
your in my heart, i feel you their
i count the beats to feel your every tear
i know your strong, and you beleive
and more an more i know your missing me
In our future well the sun is in our face and our hair our hair is long and grey
In our rocking chairs we sit in a daze not a care in the world
cuase were a million mile away

Wrong side of the fastlane

Written By: C. Finley / M. Flanders

Wind cry out and call my name,
I shut the door on all it pain
it echo thru the back street
it come and goes as it please
It careeses and it teases me
show me were i could have been or could of been
Pre Chorus:
So who decides the the wrong side of this road
That why i chose to go against the flow
Ive been tatterd and torn, Bruise an
scorned along lifes hwy
Takin one step forward and two steps back and that my way
Ive been cruisen and choosingand doing things the hard way
and it seems like ive been going down the wrong side of the fast lane
Im stuck out on this open road theirs no traffic cuase no one goes were ive been to forfill my dreams
Footprints that i leave behind are legacy for those to find the truth ive seen i hope that they beleive
Pre Chorus:


Col Finley: Working on the Land, EP
Col Finley: Self titled, EP
Col Finley: Before the Stom, Deput LP
Col Finley: Parradise,Radio Single
Col Finley: He's My Idol, Radio Single
Col Finley: My Life, LP
Col Finley: Giftwrapped in a child, Radio Single
Col Finley: My Life (Title Track) , Radio Single
Col Finley: Only The Truth,LP
Col Finley: Old Man Time, EP
Col Finley: My Place, Radio Single and Video Clip
Col Finley: Mexican Lady,Radio Single and Video Clip

Set List

The Col Finley Show runs depending on bookings but we can accomadate all style of venue or events we have enough Original Material to cover 5-6hrs and enough cover song to do around 4-5hrs our average booking time are around 120 min Show with a support artist but we have done the 4hrs gig too
My sets very depending on the crowd and venue some time you have to do allittle differant to suit the crowds but we still keep it at least 80-90% original
this is a set that we run with most nights 75Min
Parradise, C.Finley ( #8 Radio Charts Australia)
Hurly Burly, C.Finley
Idol, C.Finley ( #12 Radio Charts Australia)
Falsom Prison Blue's, J.Cash
Hey Girl, C.Finley
Devil's Ride, C.Finley ( Off the Movie "Wolf Creek")
What ever Happened, B.J.Thomas
Chute #3
Circle work ing Gear Jerkin, C.Finley
My Place, C. Finley ( #1 on CMC Charts Australia)
Giftwrapped in a Child, C.Finley
( Vocal & Writing Awards In Australia and USA)
Mexican Lady, C.Finley (#1 CMC Charts Australia)
Dont C