Col Finley

Col Finley

 Tamworth, New South Wales, AUS

Col Finley Is the Next Generation In Country Music
his style In Singing and Writing has been above the pack for many years now the man can entertain any crowd from a small acoustic bar to a Stadium full of fans he's got what most artist wish to Have depth and honesty and love for the fans and music


Col Finley Bio

Col Finley’s new album ‘Paradise’ will give us an insight into where Col Finley is at these days. With his marriage earlier this year and the birth of his new baby boy, Col Finley is now in his Paradise.
It all started at the tender age of 15, when a footy mate dared him to do a semester of dance. Col not only took on the dare but ended up winning three silver medals at the eisteddfods that year. This was the dream catcher for Col and now pursuing a career in music was all he could think about. He performed in school musicals, put together a school band named “The Blowing Diffs” and travelled the country entering every talent quest he could. Although he won his share of talent quests, it was never about winning or losing as Col explains; “I didn’t do them to win. It was about performing to an audience as I truly believed and still do today that it is about the fans”

At the age of 18 Col decided to join the Royal Australian Air force as a Police Dog Handler and this is where he got a real taste of Australia. This is also where Col Finley became a true songwriter and although he would spend the next 5yrs with the RAAF, eventually the urge to perform was too great.

Col Finley’s career in music began full time in 1994 at the age of 24 when he started touring with his first band. This would take Col on a journey along the east coast of Australia performing in Pubs, Clubs and at Festivals where Col grew and developed his own, unique style of Country Music; “Pub Country”. It was those years that elevated Col Finley to a place among an elite bunch of performers and it was then that Col truly found his song writing coming from the heart and his real life experiences.

In the years to follow Col’s determination and raw talent took him around Australia allowing him to experience the greatness of our landscape and the characters that make Australia so unique. These experiences were written into song in a way that people understood and this would ultimately gain him a major publishing Deal with ABC Music Publishing. This made way for the music of Col Finley to branch into the areas of TV and Film featuring on TV shows Like MDA, Real Sea Change and Getaway and in films such as the Aussie Cult hit “Wolf Creek”. Col Finley now has an extensive catalogue of songs and three Award Winning Albums.

With Col’s passion for his fans and performing it was only natural for his career to rise. As his fan base grew stronger his touring became broader seeing Col tour extensively throughout not only Australia but also overseas; including tours of the USA over the last 5 years covering Chicago, Memphis, Nashville, Texas, New Orleans and Las Vegas. It is the passion to perform for the fans that Col still has to this very day that makes him one of the few artists to be asked back on a yearly basis to festivals such as Tamworth Country Music Festival, Mud Bulls and Music and The Gympie Muster.

In 2008 Col’s last single “Get Your Country On” hit the Aria Pop Charts reaching an impressive #4 over the likes of Fergie and Danni Minoque. The single also featured on TV Shows Real Sea Change and Getaway. Finally Col started to reach the broader audience that he had always believed he could reach.

2009 not only saw Col Finley team up with Producer Andrew Cochrane (FX Production) but he is also under new management and has formed his new band “Dallas County”. Col Finley’s dreams are shining through as he now is truly rated as one of Australia’s most unique Singer/Songwriters, Recording Artists and Live Entertainers. It is clear to see why it is now time for you to have piece of

Col Finley’s Paradise


Love Is Blind

Written By: Col Finley

Verse 1:
Two High school Kids just growing old
Don’t care if time or what the future holds
In their pickup truck they drive the unknown
To a place that they will call home

Pre Chorus:
Only innocence remains and only the truth can
Keep you sane

If love is Blind, Then why can I see?
With all this love and faith surrounding me
If Love Is Blind, Then why can I see?
It like fulfilling and impossible dream......
If love is blind / if Love is blind

Verse 2:
In an airport lounge a lonely lady sits
Warn heart and weathered skin
With a gaze she meets a man
They fall in love with a touch of a hand

Pre Chorus:

Verse 3:
So when two heart go to collide
Don’t be scared boy don’t you go and hide
So go and grab it with both of your hands
And go and live boy live while you can

Pre Chorus:


Written By: Col Finley

Verse A:
Gone again i'm on that road
I'm heading out west to another show
I look in your eyes as there tears roll down
I know it been years since i've been back in this town
Every time I look into your eyes
I know i'm standing in paradise
Because I know that things come from god above
Honey i'm just standing here thinking i'm going to call it love
Verse B:
Holding you make me feel so right
Make the days go slow until you’re in my sight
Sweet breathe of air a stoleing kiss in the night
Back on the road for another show
Well honey im just standing all alone
Hoping all the love we shared has surly growing
It’s so lonely here under the southern skies
I can’t wait till im home in paradise
Chorus: (x2)


1998 - Before The Storm
- Idol (Radio Single) Reaching # 13 on The Charts
- Paradise (Radio Single) Reaching # 10 on The Charts
2002 - My Life
2006 - Only The Truth
Single Releases of Only The Truth were
- My Place (Radio and Video Single) Reaching # 1 on The Charts
- Mexican Lady (Radio and Video Single) Reaching # 1 on The Charts
2009 - Get Your Country On (Radio and Video Single) Reaching #4 on The aria Pop Charts First male Country Artist to do this
2010 - Paradise
-Paradise (Radio and Video Single) Reaching # 4 on The Charts
- Don't Come Over (Radio and Video Single) most recent release on radio and TV