Colin Brooks

Colin Brooks


Colin Brooks is a mesmorizing performer with his slide guitar and intimate vocal style. His new record, Blood and Water is "spare and ragged...full of skillfully told tales and wistful melodies." Austin Chronicle. Brooks blurs the line between acoustic folk/pop and alt. roots/rock.


Colin Brooks' new album, Blood and Water, recieving rave reviews.

3rd Coast Music says the record has “raw power. This stripped to the bone album is so effective...a singer-songwriter to watch out for.”
41/2 stars (out of 5).

"Blood and Water is spare and ragged...full of skillfully told tales and wistful melodies." Austin Chronicle.

Colin Brooks is a self proclaimed “slinger-songwriter”, a lover of fine sippin’ tequila, and one of Kerrville’s New Folk Winners in 2003. Kerrville New Folk has been the launching ground for such songwriters as Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, and Slaid Cleaves. Also the recipient of the 2002 Songwriters Hall Of Fame Abe Olman Scholarship, Colin Brooks is “one of SESAC’s most promising new artists” according to Linda Lorence, VP of Artist Relations NY.

Just off a 3 month Australian tour he garnered this review at the Woodford Folk Festival. “Colin Brooks…was moodily magnificent…not since Jeff Lang has anyone made such an impression” The Barfly, Cairns

Brooks will release 2 new records this year. The first, called “Blood and Water” is a naked, acoustic smoke signal leading the way to “Water in the Sky”, a roots/rockin affair to be released this winter. The song “Water in the sky” is included on the KGSR compilation benefiting Juvenile diabetes in Austin Texas.

Brooks’ debut album, Chippin' Away At The Promised Land(2002), began in Taos, New Mexico, where his songwriting muse was resurrected by big painted skies and freedom to reinvent himself. Brooks moved to New York to finish the recording and was joined by musical luminaries such as drummer Jerry Marotta, bassist Sara Lee, as well as the legendary Tony Levin. “Colin has a voice like an opiate…and his songs stick to your brain like brambles,” writes Sharon Nichols of the Hudson Valley Chronogram

“Driven by Brooks’ ragged-but-right vocals and greasy dobro licks, the album delivers a refreshing 50/50 mix of blues-based Americana roots and good old- fashioned pop hooks,” writes Performing Songwriter.

Brooks’ approach to music is a combination of bluesy informality and sophisticated craftsmanship, a duality easily traced to his musical upbringing and development. On one side is the boy strumming his father’s Gibson guitar in the kitchen of their Michigan farm. On the other side is the serious songwriter/musician who has honed his craft with pupose.

With his slide guitar and character-driven lyrics, Colin blurs the line between acoustic pop and alt roots/rock. These songs are who he is: authentic, vulnerable and engaging.

Colin has embedded himself in the Austin,Texas scene in the last 3 years, playing guitar with Ruthie Foster, Toni Price, Will Sexton, Hal Ketchum, and many others.



Written By: Colin Brooks

Hey mother fertile one
Speak to me your numbered son
From the dust of wood and stone
Gave you birth to flesh and bone

Suckled we your lovely breast
And filled your shores from east to west
Plucked the fruit from every vine
And filled the stores at harvest time

But from the seed of Eve child’s womb
Human hands have wrought their doom

Hey mother tell your child
The fertile fields have grown up wild
Do you see your cherished pride
Drying like a withered vine

Withered vine, do you see
Bitter wine left on the lees

Hey mother hear my plea
Send the one to set us free
To turn away our hearts no more
And slake our thirst for blood and war

Blood and war, days of old
Bring the lion to the fold

Hey children hear my plea
Locust come like stormy seas
Study now your own two hands
Lest you lose your mother’s land
Study now your own two hands
Lest you lose your mother’s land


"Blood and Water" 2005
"chippin away at the promised land" 2002

Coming soon, "Water in the Sky"

Set List

75-90 minute show. Can do two or three sets
Do the odd cover in a style of our own.