Colinda play Cajun and Zydeco. Music from Southwest Louisiana. This is Dance-Music with Fiddle, Cajun-Accordion, Guitar, Bass and Drums. The Repertoire includes Two-Steps, Polkas, Waltzes and also Bluesy Zydeco Tunes. Mostly it is sung in old Cajun-French Language.


In 2000 Colinda was founded in Berlin. While the Band was waiting to do some recordings for another Band, they played some Cajun-Tunes. Suddenly they felt that this is what they always wanted to do, after playing in Rockabilly, Rock´n´Roll or Punk-Bands.


EP: Cajun Music
CD: The good times are killing me

Set List

Les flammes d´enfer
Back home in Louisiana
Sugar Bee
Bayou Noir
Bal de Balfa
Roseland Two-Step
Allons à Lafayette
Paper in my shoes
Zydeco Gris-Gris
Jolie Blon
La porte d´en arrière
Pine Grove Blues
J´été au bal
Marie Marie
Two left Feet
Danse de Limonade
Je vais t´aimer q meme
Chicot Two-Step
Bosco Stomp
Toot toot
Un autre soir d´ennui......