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Colin Green

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band EDM Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Redstar Future Pop"

Calling Down surrounds acoustic guitar with techno noises, samples, programmed break style drums. Dub moves, vocal harmonies and echos keep it psychedelic and leave the popsong upfront. Fences keeps the guitar off to one side, processed breathy vocal dissolves into a dense hook. Epic keyboards push the quirky vocal effects around. Call out an Army keeps the singer songwriter behind the multiple techno moves, letting the verse emerge through the ambient keyboards for a moment. The programmer wins this track. Interesting. -

"ITA Battle of The Bands"

As Green's band is setting up, somebody bangs into the wrong connector and a jagged shard of noise knifes through the room. "We're doing our best", Green snarls at somebody in the front row. His drummer is wearing headphones, and he's got two guys huddled behind laptops in addition to the usual guitars, and out in front of them Colin is the first performer all night to wield geek charisma as a weapon. "It's Trent Reznor, but his parents haven't broken up yet", Ralph mutters to me. I pass my Oberst/Cope theory on to Dave, who is offended on both Conor's and Julian's behalves. Russell looks surprised and pleased again. Everybody we've seen so far has some form of potential, or maybe the potential to have potential under fairer scrutiny, but they have all been trying to fill this room, and Colin is the only one who has walked onto the stage like he's already bigger than the space. He's skinny and haunted-looking, but moves as if he believes that at any moment the crowd will lose control of themselves and start tearing off his clothes. I can't possibly follow what he's saying, but I'm pretty sure he's saying something, where the rest of these singers have only sounded like they're singing. The songs jump and cut like they were born in sequencers, and I wish I could hear the textures coming out of the laptops better. He's been listening to Trent and Conor and Beck and Radiohead and Pulp, I'm sure, and maybe Jesus Jones, and maybe back past that to Gary Numan and David Bowie. More than once a song has a chance to kick into sprint, but backs off defiantly into paced diffidence. It feels to me like the people are with him, or trying to be, but that he draws his energy from their tension, not its release. This isn't a contest set, this is a performance.
- Glenn McDonald - Battle Judge - (

"Modern Sound That Is Unique and Focused"

With squawking synth parts, The Odyssey contains varied textures and electronic hip hop elements. This production and performance based group has a futuristic sound that shimmers.


"The Odyssey" 10/2009
"Between Me & The Sea" 10/25
"Redstar Future Pop" 2/2005
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Over the years, Colin Green has morphed time and time again. Today, instead of your average grouping of guitars and drums, this electro-synth duo looks to turn heads.

Colin Green started as an idea and is now in full form, a snapshot of the past and a spyglass into the future. Graham Colin and Kristopher Thiele write, record, produce and perform their own music and have been very well received. With a full backing band or without, live experience takes over. After winning the ITA Battle of The Bands in Boston, exhausting the minimal club scene there and being asked to perform at Berklee School of Music, they began writing the follow up to the debut record, The Odyssey. With rave reviews and a steady hype, The Odyssey aims to stand out in 2010.