Colin McEnearney

Colin McEnearney


Songs. Electro-acoustic indie folk rock. We like Neil Young, Gillian Welch, Clem Snide, Elliott Smith, Tom Petty.


Combining the straightforward sincerity of folk with dreamy, distorted electronics, and lyrics which veer off into the surreal, the songs on Colin McEnearney's debut "Sleepwalking" bear comparison with those of folk-rock storytellers like Neil Young, Will Oldham, Gillian Welch and Elliott Smith.



Written By: Colin McEnearney

Timmie I lit a candle for you in France,
bought a suit for the service,
I've worn it often since,
danced in it with a girl in Richmond, I was in a trance.
But I looked good.
Yeah I looked good,
just like you always thought I should.
If I have a problem and I need help,
thanks to you I'll know where to go.
In the L.A. underground, they can still be found.
Hannibal and Face, Murdoch and
They'll build some kind of crazy machine like no one's ever seen, straight out of your dreams.
God Bless the A-Team.


Sleepwalking - 2005

Set List

Sets are usually about 45 minutes, but can be as long as needed.