Colin McShane

Colin McShane


Straight forward energetic rock that will blow you away! Great melodies combined with cutting guitars and harmonies that make you want to FEEL! If there were ever an artist to come out of NYC and make it to the big time, Colin McShane is it!


Colin McShane is a singer/songwriter who is native to New York City. He has been playing bars, clubs, and lounges in the New York area for over six years both solo, and with other musicians backing him up. Now pursing a solo career, he has found much success and many new fans in both the online and offline worlds. Colin McShane, himself, is a work of art. Colin’s music is sincere and easily related to. First time listeners of Colin’s music often walk away humming one of his melodies. And in addition to Colin’s songwriting talent, he offers a wide variety of subject matter that easily finds its way into the heart of any listener. Not only is Colin McShane an artist, he is also a business man. He realizes that in today’s market, you must have competitive advantages to ensure profitability. The first advantage is Colin’s relentless attention to his audience’s gratification. Colin realizes that while being his true self will gain fans, paying attention to what the fans want and seek in today’s music and artists will gain more fans and bring the already converted, closer. The other sustainable competitive advantage is the songs. Handcrafted and simply beautiful, it’s a wonder why Colin McShane is not already a cultural icon. Colin is using his page to acquire and retain fans. It is here that fans are brought up to date information on shows and the artist himself. Fans are also directed to websites ( and iTunes) where they can purchase Colin McShane’s “Songs to Make You Feel” which has already sold a few hundred copies date. Colin’s presence on the Internet is astounding. With over 12,000 plays of his music on the site and over 2,500 friends, yielding a network of over 120,000,000 users, Colin McShane is already a favorite among many users. FOR BOOKING CALL: 212.696.7801


Love you forever

Written By: Colin McShane

I always said that I'd love you forever whether forever was a month or a day or whatever but all the little things you do that kinda get to me are just the little things I see that I don't want us to be I guess we wouldn't know if we ain't give it a try but everytime that we try I run away and I cry so what I'm trying to say is that its over forever whether forever is a month or a day or whatever

every day, i find myself trying so hard to get you to love me

every day, i find myself getting so hard, because I love me

It's all for you

Written By: Colin McShane

I can't wait to call you
as soon as I get home
to let you know I'm alright
even though I'm alone
it's been two days now
since I've smiled at you
it's lonley on the road
traveling without you

it's all for you

it'll be a long time
before I get where I'm going
all the time without you
I've never felt more alone
so alone

it's all for you

What would it take to break me now?
Now that I've found you here somehow?
What would it take to break me now?
Not that it matters any how.

it's all for you

This hole

Written By: Colin McShane

I gotta get myself out of this hole
it's getting deeper with each time I fall
I'm sure to you it's just nothing at all
I'm sure to you it's just nothing at all

Now that it's been some time
I see I'm wrong
I look for you
but you've already gone
I'd say I'm sorry
but it's been too long
So I sit here alone
writing you this song

What does it mean when you say that you're alone?
And all these endless hours up on the phone?
Why all the crying and ache in my bones
but when I reach to you you're already gone?
What do we do with the love that we made?
Do we throw it away
and call it mistake?
or do we give it a go
no matter what it takes?
I need to know
which decision to take
cause I'm going crazy
time's not on my side
as we're both growing older
and empty inside
is what you feel the same feelings
I hide?
is what you feel the same feelings
as mine?

I gotta get myself out of this hole
it's getting deeper with each time that I fall
I'm sure to you it's just nothing at all
I'm sure to you it's just nothing at all


Songs To Make You Feel (2006)

Set List

Get up
This hole
My dear
Love you Forever
Its all for you
Sorry, I hate you
Definition of love

This is a typical 45 minute set for the band. We currently have no covers that we play.