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"Colin McShane delivers Songs to Make You Feel"

A true artist is able to embody and condense his or her pain, experience and individuality into enticing spell-binding lyrics set against a heart-felt beat. Colin McShane, 25-year-old song-writer/guitarist/singer, is a Rockville Centre native who exemplifies pure lyrical genius and integrity. A whirlwind of emotions, including love, despair and strife, serve as the focal-points of the release of his long-awaited solo alternative-rock album, Songs To Make You Feel, produced by Orphididies Music. Before McShane made the decision to go solo in May of 2005, he spent four years with his friends in the band Fountainhead and headlined shows in NYC locations such as Luna Lounge, Acme Underground and Arlene Grocery.

In today's versatile music industry, it is proven that certain trends do not exist for long periods of time. Artistic freedom has come a long way since the reign of the bubblegum-pop era in the late 90s and early 2000s when Britney Spears and boy-bands had millions of adolescent girls and teenagers frenetic. McShane follows the path of successful "one-man operations" such as Alicia Keys, Norah Jones and John Mayer who are known for their own, definitive original words and impressive instrumental gifts.

On the first track, "Love You Forever," McShane dwells upon the passionate fire behind the word "love" and about giving too much of one's self to another, when the emotion is not reciprocated. McShane begins the song in a low, disheveled tone where he says, "I gave to you everything, you left me with nothing." Within twenty-seven seconds of the song, McShane exhibits the flow of the hustle-and-bustle rhythm showcased in most rap songs as the beat is set against a fast pace. This transition in "Love You Forever" symbolizes that amidst the pain, anguish and deception you may feel towards your "loved one," you can not break from caring for that individual.

In "It's All For You," McShane reflects upon the light-hearted feeling that escalates through your soul whenever thoughts race through your mind about that "special person," when he or she is not physically by your side. With the help of an upbeat melody with intertwined guitar and percussion, a sense of eagerness and bliss are portrayed against low and high pitched notes.

"Feel" focuses on the goal of obtaining a "natural high" from certain acts, even those that may be labeled as corrupt such as lying, cheating and stealing as several possible outlets. This song is depicted in the eyes of an individual who confesses the aching desire to achieve that so-called "feel" at all costs necessary for his or her own individual purpose of self, while spontaneity and intrinsic motivation are the underlying driving forces behind.

McShane draws upon the void that tears you up inside when you're alone, waiting patiently for the one you love to call in the song, "Say." This song poignantly serves as a correlation between a one-sided relationship where the feeling of love is not mutual. An exasperated feeling is cast as McShane expressively sings in an isolated manner the hook, "Say that you love me forever and tell me that you want me to stay/Say that you need me tonight and don't care what it takes."

The last track, "All She Wrote" is in the form of a letter, shown from a man's perspective that is breaking up with his lover simply because all her baggage has finally taken a toll on him. Downcast, solitary sounds emanating from the strings of the guitar and keys of the piano extract themes of melancholy and seclusion. It is evident that in the formation of the letter, the man is wrestling with his various emotions in the lyrics, "I didn't mean to feel this way/It just kind of happened." The angry background vocals towards the end of the song against the main hook, "There she goes again, making me smile again/There she goes again, making me try again" reinstates the man's final decision to say "good-bye" to his loved one as he is tired with the relentless circle of games.

Overall, McShane's Songs To Make You Feel sheds a different perspective on pain, love and personal happiness and could even provide some insight into your own relationships. For more information on this rising artist or a preview to some of his songs on the album, you can visit
- The Ticker Baruch College Newspaper

"Acoustic Paradise"

As if anyone else could take us out of this rut of today's music, Colin McShane has done it with his new solo project. His melodic songs and rhythmic lyrics make the audience shake as if they are speaking in tounges. Try to catch him live. - Cry for Music


Songs To Make You Feel (2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Colin McShane is a singer/songwriter who is native to New York City. He has been playing bars, clubs, and lounges in the New York area for over six years both solo, and with other musicians backing him up. Now pursing a solo career, he has found much success and many new fans in both the online and offline worlds. Colin McShane, himself, is a work of art. Colin’s music is sincere and easily related to. First time listeners of Colin’s music often walk away humming one of his melodies. And in addition to Colin’s songwriting talent, he offers a wide variety of subject matter that easily finds its way into the heart of any listener. Not only is Colin McShane an artist, he is also a business man. He realizes that in today’s market, you must have competitive advantages to ensure profitability. The first advantage is Colin’s relentless attention to his audience’s gratification. Colin realizes that while being his true self will gain fans, paying attention to what the fans want and seek in today’s music and artists will gain more fans and bring the already converted, closer. The other sustainable competitive advantage is the songs. Handcrafted and simply beautiful, it’s a wonder why Colin McShane is not already a cultural icon. Colin is using his page to acquire and retain fans. It is here that fans are brought up to date information on shows and the artist himself. Fans are also directed to websites ( and iTunes) where they can purchase Colin McShane’s “Songs to Make You Feel” which has already sold a few hundred copies date. Colin’s presence on the Internet is astounding. With over 12,000 plays of his music on the site and over 2,500 friends, yielding a network of over 120,000,000 users, Colin McShane is already a favorite among many users. FOR BOOKING CALL: 212.696.7801