Colin Monette

Colin Monette


My music is Americana. Solo acoustic guitar and poetic vocals, with overdubbed cooking pots and electric guitar effects: add all the influences of American music on lo-fi recordings and you got something Real called COLIN MONETTE!!!


I'm up in the North Country called Mill City aka Minneapolis. I grew up on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation where I was exposed to Native American drum (pow-wow) music from my father. I've been influenced heavily by the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Hanks Williams, Jimi Hendrix...
I've always been an artist(visual), turns out I'm very skilled at guitar and singing too. I'm a very well rounded guitarist. After music school, I decided to hone my talents and creativity and put them into song format. There are tons of bands, and few real sharp musicians. In my music I try to embody all that is beautiful and indiscribable about art, life, and music. This is my goal, to express myself in all facets of the music...and wherever music leads me, I will follow.


Maudlin, is my 1st official album released in 2005. I have many more songs that have not been officially released.

Set List

Two 50 minute sets. Starting with an instrumental song I wrote: Mother Mary/medley w/Bron-yr-aur
Lips of Poison, I'm Happy (when contentment gets me high), Last Dance for New Orleans, Hopeless Man, Cafe at Her Mouth, Naked City, Listen,
Covers: House of the Rising Sun, Halfway to Heaven(Ukelele Ike, Maybe I didn't love You (Willie Nelson), Imagine (John Lennon)