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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Pop Soul




"Memo To White Dudes: Stop Asking Black Men With Dreads For Drugs"

Despite the fact that he doesn't do drugs, ColinResponse says on a weekly basis he gets harassed by people, "usually just white dudes," who assume he's selling them. As a black Toronto musician who is six-foot-two and has dreadlocks, ColinResponse (his stage name) told VICE he's so used to being asked for drugs, primarily weed, that he once had a button made that said "NO, I don't know where you can get weed." - VICE

"First Listen: ColinResponse Drops New Single, “Something About Your Love”"

"Through the dark times, we find solace in things that make us happy from making comfort food to watching classic movies to dancing along to feel good songs. If you’re looking for the latter, pop-soul artist ColinResponse has got you covered! Backed by a five-piece band, including bass, guitar, drums, trumpet and saxophone, ColinResponse and his sweetly soulful vocals bring something special to the table.Today we’re thrilled to share the new single from the artist, 'Something About Your Love.'" - The Huffington Post US

"ColinResponse - "Something About Your Love" (video) (premiere)"

"I’ve mentioned before that 'Something About Your Love' was never written about a person," says ColinResponse. "Instead, it is a story that shares the intimacies of my relationship with music. That is why this video is so special to me -- it exemplifies the role music has played throughout my life since childhood." - PopMatters

"EXCLUSIVE: ColinResponse Shares High-Energy Video For Upcoming EP Single “#YouAlreadyKnow”"

“We shot this video on tour, and literally the night before our last show, Fergie released her new song with the exact same name…’You Already Know,’ explains the singer. “I was like ahhhh Hell Naw! How you gonna play me like that Fergie!? She didn’t answer any of my calls but, it was too hilarious not to take advantage of so, we decided to have some fun with it and put her in my video instead. The internet has a way about things, I’m sure she’ll eventually see it.” - Live for Live Music

"ColinResponse premiere's his new single #YouAlreadyKnow, EP out Oct. 27"

"ColinResponse is professionally trained as a multi-instrumentalist and has near 100 live performances, sharing the stage with such popular acts as Kardinal Offishal, DJ Jazzy Jef, Wyclef Jean and Erykah Badu. " - AXS

"Q&A with ColinResponse: "In the Process of Creating the Songs, I Wasn’t Revisiting These Emotions, I Was Still Living Them""

"What I expect to bring to the music scene is just my individuality – I’m bringing myself to it. Really take it or leave it. I genuinely believe is there’s gonna be people who absolutely love my music, and I also genuinely believe there’s gonna be people who absolutely hate it, and I’m happy with that. Because you can’t please everyone, you just have to do what you do the absolute best you can do it and put your focus there." - The Prelude Press

"Artbound Proves You Can Party for a Good Cause in Toronto"

"Music lovers were certainly charmed by singer ColinResponse’s warm and funky vibe." - Dobbernation Loves

"Moët Hennessy - ColinResponse returns to France for an Acoustic Performance in the Barrel-Making Factory"

"Invited by Hennessy to play an acoustic jam session in the barrel-making factory at Hennessy's Headquarters in Cognac, France" - Moët Hennessy

"ColinResponse’s Self-Titled EP, Picasso in a world of Norman Rockwell paintings"

"ColinResponse’s EP needs to be jammed in your car, in the kitchen while doing dishes and making that soul food, and even while laying in your bed while your headphones are on in the dark...Take notes, school in session, and let ColinResponse remind you how to bring back the feelgood vibes of the soul/funk/R&B era with this 9 out of 10 start ditty." - Madness To Creation

"ColinResponse, Erykah Badu, Wyclef Jean on the Bill at Cognac Blues Passions Festival"

"Performing alongside the likes of Erykah Badu, Sinead O’Connor and Wyclef Jean at the 2013 Cognac Blues Passions Festival in France." - York Region News

"GQ Meets Hennessy x ColinResponse"

"Canadian, ColinResponse, who performed alongside internationally renowned artists Erykah Badu, Sinead O’Connor and Wyclef Jean." - GQ - South Africa

"Moët Hennessy - International Talent Quest Winner "ColinResponse""

"Congratulations to our Global Talent Quest winner; Canada-based pop/soul artist ColinResponse. He chased his Wild Rabbit to push the limits of his potential." - Moët Hennessy

"NEWSTALK 1010 - Really Amazing Musical Success"

"ColinResponse is having some really amazing musical success --
Not enough young people think that they can do anything!" - NEWSTALK 1010


"I made a decision, some time ago, when I heard the infamous quote 'Hope for everything, expect nothing' that I would live my life by the opposite. So, I 'hope for nothing; expect everything'." - Music Musings and Such

"CMW 2016: This year will include Lights, ColinResponse, Wild Rivers,"

The festival will include some of Canada’s best known artists, while showcasing its thriving indie scene. International acts from all over the world will also be in attendance, allowing for an eclectic festival-going experience.

Featuring various events and performances, CMW includes a large array of Torontonian acts. This year will include Lights, ColinResponse, Wild Rivers, and The Dying Arts, amongst many others. - THE VARSITY

"All Access South Africa - with ColinResponse"

"I'm telling you the Canadian artist ColinResponse was absolutely amazing! – It's been a sizzler of an evening, I've had so much fun!" - All Access Mzansi - South Africa

"Hennessy Unites Legends DJ Premier & DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. ColinResponse & Glenn Lewis"

"On November 21st at UNIUN, we presented this year’s main event with legendary DJ’s JAZZY JEFF & PREMIER, featuring live performances from Glenn Lewis, Tre Mission, Colin Response and DJ DLUX. If you were in attendance you already know that you witnessed history that night, but if you weren’t one of the fortunate 1300+ people in the crowd..."

"The symbolism behind the event is so much more than a regular night at the club. The art of blending is the art of realizing that when several great things are put together, you can create one thing that is spectacular." - Urbanology Mag | 1 LOVE T.O.

"NXNE 2016 feat. ColinResponse @ The Silver Dollar"

IndoorShoes/NeXT @NXNE proudly presents... - BlogTO


NXNE: A Night of Pop/Rock/Hip-Hop/Soul... - NOW

"ColinResponse Headlines @ CMW 2015"

ColinResponse and his many-membered band play together like a well-oiled machine. - RazMataz Magazine

"ColinResponse Judges Humber's Got Talent"

Judging the competition was ColinResponse, an international recording artist known for performing with – Sean Kingston... - Humber Students' Federation


"Trust us when we say when this guy calls you’ll want to respond. If you don’t already know about this musician and his band you’ve probably been asleep until now. Okay that’s a little harsh but seriously get it together." - ISCREAMMUSIC

"Disney Mobile Releases ColinResponse's New Single on the #1 Music game in the App Store"

"ColinResponses newest single She Dances in the Rain featured in TapTap Revenge the #1 Music game in the App Store" - Disney Mobile

"Toronto Artist ColinResponse Wins International Hennessy Talent Quest"

"A revered international lineup including Hennessy Talent Quest judge Erykah Badu, Wyclef Jean, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite and The Hives." -

"Freshly Educated Men - Canadian Wins Hennessy's Global Talent Quest"

"ColinResponse Performs lagestest Afro-American Festival in Europe! 2013, Following a global competition by Hennessy; the number one selling Cognac in the world" -

"Wired City Music Festival"

"Toronto was introduced to its newest music festival last night with the inaugural Wired City Music Festival - the festival featured - Long Range Hustle, ColinResponse, KC Roberts and the Live Revolution..." - Aesthetic Magazine

"ColinResponse @ Burningman Decompression"

"Colin, ended up being one of our favourite people" - VICE

"New Venture Seed Fund Winner uses music to inspire and motivate"

“Learning from such an artist’s story, challenges, and successes through such expression may have a strong, unique, personal, and memorable experience on someone’s life and positively impact their goals and motivation” - Humber Et Cetera


"embarking on a coast-to-coast tour stopping in local communities performing music & random acts of kindness." - Vancity Buzz

"CBC's The National featuring ColinResponse"

"ColinResponse, a self-styled motivational musician inspiring young people with music." - CBC's The National

"Kateryna Barnes - Humber Et Cetera"

"An artist who combines pop/soul music with influences driven from artists like Michael Jackson, John Mayer and Bruno Mars." - Humber Et Cetera


"Wired City Music Festival will take place Thurs, Dec 12 at three venues around Toronto. Our lineup includes: Bruce Peninsula, ColinResponse, Union Duke, KC Roberts & the Live Revolution..." - Now Toronto

"Moët Hennessy - ColinResponse Takes Centre-Stage at the Blues Passions Festival in Cognac, France."

"Toronto, Canada-based pop/soul artist ColinResponse takes centre-stage at the Blues Passions Festival in picturesque town of Cognac, France." - Moët Hennessy

"ColinResponse Performs Musical Workshop at The DOT Conference in Toronto"

"Design Our Tomorrow is a conference for young, creative minds.
We close the gap between today's and tomorrow's visionaries." - Design Our Tomorrow

"ColinResponse chased his Wild Rabbit to Push the Limits of His Potential"

"Congratulations to our Global Talent Quest winner, ColinResponse. He chased his Wild Rabbit to push the limits of his potential."

South Africa: - Moët Hennessy

"Megan Oquias - The Take Media"

“it’s absolutely refreshing, and somewhat reassuring that there is for one thing, an artist like Colin – and secondly, that there are fans who are willing to provide monetary support in an industry so riddled with piracy.” - The Take Media

"Jessica Paiva - Young Inspirations"

“Not only is ColinResponse extremely talented, but the energy and vibe he brings to the audience is incredible. A musician –
also needs to be a good performer and ColinResponse has it all.” - Young Inspirations

"OOHLALA Presents Our New YouTube Personality, ColinResponse!"

"Absolutely amazing, so much talent! Wicked fun, love it!" - OOHLALA Mobile - John Duval

"The Weekly Voice: A Career in Music"

"Although it was nice to win,” he says. “It was just a wild experience playing my music, feeling the audience’s reaction." - The Weekly Voice

"Kanae Doi - Music Psychos"

“I haven't forgotten his compelling voice that naturally draws attention from the audience.” - Music Psychos

"Carrie Mullings - CHRY Radio 105.5 FM"

“Seriously, when I saw you in Vancouver it shocked me! – I didn’t realize the intensity of your musicianship." - CHRY Radio 105.5 FM

"ColinResponse Gives Us 5 SHOTS!!!!!"

"No amount of judgement will ever stop me from ordering a Virgin Pina Colada." - Cow Girlz Entertainment

"ColinResponse: Giving Pop a Little Soul"

Pop-soul artist ColinResponse brings his sounds of Pop and Soul together so smoothly that dancing to the rhythm is inevitable. Having released his self-titles EP in October, and having music as evocative as his peers Bruno Mars and André 3000, I had to sit down with him as he exhibits an entry work that is praiseworthy. - L3

"New Music Spotlight: Runaway Angel, Johnson Crook, ColinResponse, Birds of Bellwoods, and Danielle Bradbery"

"We came across this video on Bunz and had to share it. Colin reached out to the Bunz community asking to borrow their children. This is what he did with them. The music is sweet, upbeat and sultry and the video is adorable!" - The Reviews Art In

"MY 10 FAVORITE ALBUMS: ColinResponse"

“This album is a representation of my entire life up to this point. The music is a culmination of everything I’ve learned, it’s everything I’ve ever felt-the hurt, the joy, and the laughter. I made this album to empower people – to bring people together – to let people know that someone else has also felt those same things alongside them.” - Teal Cheese

"Interview: ColinResponse"

"All these songs represent a story, a combination of thoughts, experiences I’ve had, or things I’ve witnessed, culminated into one. I wanted to get creative. From a musical perspective, the genres that inspire all of these songs are pretty diverse in most cases. The one thing that unifies each particular song however, is me – It all tells a story about my life and as the genres change with each song, it is my voice that remains consistent across each track." - TheYoungFolks

"CP24 Breakfast Weekend: "Something About Your Love""

I love the groove of this song – I'm looking at some of the people you've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with and here's some pretty big names here: DJ Jazzy Jeff, Wyclef Jean and Erykah Badu... - CP24: Canada's #1 Viewed Morning Show

"CP24 Breaking News – “#YouAlreadyKnow""

Let's talk about the single #YouAlreadyKnow there was something that happened on social media – celebrities were retweeting this – were you shocked at the attention that this got. - CP24 Breaking News


Still working on that hot first release.



Pop-soul artist ColinResponse released his new self-titled EP on November 27th, 2017. Reminiscent of Bruno Mars and Andre 3000, ColinResponse presents a full, dance-worthy sound backed by his five-piece band, which includes bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, trumpet, and saxophone. 

Hailing from Toronto, ColinResponse has been steadily gaining international momentum as a pop-soul artist and performer. As a well-trained multi-instrumentalist (saxophone, bass, guitar, piano, etc.) with close to 100 live performances under his belt, ColinResponse has shared the stage with industry heavy-weights, including Kardinal Offishal, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Wyclef Jean and Erykah Badu, to name a few.

ColinResponse has stood out from the competition on several notable platforms, including placing second in Shaw TV and Fontana North's Urban Star televised talent search competition and first in the industry-vetted and fan driven Hennessy Artistry's International Talent Quest, where his "She Dances in the Rain" (from his upcoming EP) beat out over 2,000 applicants around the globe.

With excitement towards his upcoming release, ColinResponse explains, "This album is a representation of my entire life up to this point. The music is a culmination of everything I've learned, it's everything I've ever felt-the hurt, the joy, and the laughter. I made this album to empower people - to bring people together - to let people know that someone else has also felt those same things alongside them."

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