Colin Spring and the Naugahyde Nights

Colin Spring and the Naugahyde Nights

 Corvallis, Oregon, USA

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Colin Spring is a NW singer/songwriter known in certain circles for cramming humorous and poignant narratives into the small space of time that is a folk song, all the while managing to avoid overt corniness, or extreme earnestness.

Spring is foremost a writer. There is no questioning his lyrical ability and he possesses rare skills in this department. The Oregonian went so far as to say, “he makes other songwriters look like they have acquired language by mistake.”

Great writers draw from extraordinary real life experiences or vivid imaginations. Spring undoubtedly draws from both. Often times it may take repeated listens to begin to grasp the scope of ideas, metaphors and entendres that lay within even a verse of Spring’s prose. Art is no less subjective than the marquee sign proclamation, "the best burger in town” but it is generally agreed that you have to begin with some real substance and the rest is just dressing. Or at the risk of sounding overly crass, you can only polish a turd so much.

Spring’s last album, the tongue in cheek entitled, How I Came To Cry These Tears Of Cool, was a collection of personal perceptions that spanned the time from Spring’s childhood as the son of a failed drug runner to the accusatory and paranoid atmosphere of the previous election cycle.

That album has long since sold out of its first pressing, which is a noteworthy feat for a grassroots artist that sells most of his merchandise on the road. . And in the meantime he has been busy cataloging new compositions and testing them on new audiences.

Notable Accomplishments

Selected for main showcase at the National Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis.

He was a finalist at the prestigious Dave Carter Memorial Songwriting Contest at the Sisters Folk Festival.

He has opened for Americana icon and Juno Winner Fred Eaglesmith several times and has twice MC’d Fred’s annual Southern Picnic in Ontario, Canada.

Other national acts Colin has played with include Greg Brown, Chris Smither, Devil Makes 3, Richard Buckner, Bobby Bare Jr, Curt Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets', John Doe of X, Pat MacDonald (Timbuk 3), Evan Dando of the Lemonheads, Jon Langford….

Press Reviews
Top 12 DIY Albums Performing Songwriter March 2006

Paste Recommends…..3 1/2!-Paste Magazine February 2006

Balancing folk-rock intelligence and indie rock swagger, Colin Spring blossoms on his fourth album…a master of heartfelt story-songs in the tradition of vintage Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.-All Music Guide John D. Luerssen (author River Edge, The Weezer Story)

…the kind of tunes that make other songwriters look as if they’ve acquired language by mistake-November 2005 The Oregonian

Spring’s exceptional storytelling skills and captivating lyrics keep the listener enthralled…vivid, emotional narratives never fail to leave one contented-November 2005 The Big Takeover

Spring lands in the company of the most important talents this town (Seattle) has produced in recent years...Meet the Sea is the best album since Modest Mouses’ second release -The Stranger

Spring's enormously insightful, heartfelt lyrics, which he sings in a narrative, Dylan-like vocal style, that constantly keep the listener absorbed. With nary a weak moment, this excellent LP(Cancion del Pollo) ranks among the most pleasant surprises of the year. -May 2005 The Big Takeover

Colin Spring understands the romance of a dirty kiss, the pathos of a sidewalk full of bandy-legged
drunks. -Everett True-music journalist/Melody Maker/author


Makin' It Hard To Choose

Written By: Colin Spring

Used to say a boxcar was my favorite friend, toss in my old army bag when it slowed ‘round the bend
Used to see my future in the freeway mileage signs like the girls at the fair that can read your palm by tracing out the lines
Used to think I didn’t have anything to lose
But you’re makin’ it hard to choose

Use to hitch out to the coast and throw a blanket on the ground
When my castles turned to sand again, I’d turn back around
It’s too cold in Minnesota, I was thinking Santa Cruz
But you’re makin’ it hard to choose

Lately I’ve been wondering if you’ve been thinking of me too
Kind of hoping that you’d settled down so I could forget you
It only made it harder when you called out of the blue
You’re makin’ it hard to choose

I was down in Lousiana getting water in my shoes
Stuck up there on 61 outside Baton Rouge
I pondered there forever where those crossroads drew
You were makin’ it hard to choose

With the options set before me, where to steer my soul
When the levy finally crashes down and you can’t plug up the holes
I always thought I’d come back when I had nothing left to prove
You’re makin’ it hard to choose

Rob That Woman

Written By: Colin Spring

Well I’ve never been one given over to convention
And I’ve never been good when it comes to a first impression
Here I am now begging for her papa’s blessing
Then my mind starts reeling and filling with apprehension

To run around breaking hearts was never my intention
But it happens more often then I care to mention
When I’m put to the fire and I can’t take the tension
That’s when I start moving off in a different direction

And I think back to a woman that I had strung along
When talk it turned to wedding vows how I turned to run
And I cannot continue on when the good times start to fizz
I robbed that woman of her youth and that’s the greatest crime there is

When you have a young girl with a head full of expectations
You start working pro bono just to iron out arbitrations
You better call a new doctor well I’m losing all my patience
I’m punching the clock down at the United Nations

You start thinking maybe I’d prefer a girl with lines upon her face
Somewhere in the middle ground of the cradle to the grave
And I cannot continue on when the good times start to fizz
I robbed that woman of her youth and that’s the greatest crime there is

When you ask that question turns a misses to a Ms.
She’s staring at that countdown clock for how much time there is
I am not your game show host and this is not your quiz
And I robbed that woman of her youth and that’s the greatest crime there is

Reservation Strays

Written By: Colin Spring

You know she can’t remember the last time that we spoke
We drove a hundred miles into Hopi land for packs of discount smokes
And I knew that I was batting way out of my league
She was twisting up Michoacan and steering with her knee

We were running from the rain, running from the rain
Coming down like cats and dogs on reservation strays

There were tempests brewing in our minds but we never dove that deep
We just kept it on the surface and rocked ourselves to sleep
Out amongst the mesas where the ravens pick at bones
If just to part the clouds awhile from the dreariness back home

An old man by a turquoise stand said a change is in the air
I said, “you’re crazy man all I see is a jet contrail up there.�
When the sky turned loose overhead and the caliche turned to mud
We danced around in the deluge somehow grateful for that flood

I felt something born between us in that lightning strike
It smoldered on the desert floor but it never did ignite
And if she has forgotten well it’s just her way to cope
I can still see her standing there with her t-shirt soaked

She’s still running from the rain


Can't Dance Too Wet To Plow compilation w/Doug Marscht, Klaus Flouride, et al
Dashboard Tallies,
Pedestrian Kills (1998)
Meet The Sea...
Or Be Washed Up (2000)
Cancion del Pollo w/ The Band That Murdered silence(2004)
How I Came To Cry These Tears of Cool (Fall 2005)

Set List

Routinely plays four hour sets of original music.....with the occasional lesser known cover.