Collapsing Opposites

Collapsing Opposites


Collapsing Opposites (Ryan McCormick of Vancouver’s They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?) is at times biting, at others contemplative. The band’s idiosyncratic work externalizes ubiquitous questions: of art and the commercial, of the personal and public, of the experience of being a musician today.


Collapsing Opposites began as a McCormick solo project with the 2002 release of his introductory Demonstration EP. Initially adhering to a staunch solo mentality, each subsequent release has been more developed than albums prior, as McCormick gradually welcomed more and more guest musicians into the fold. This process culminated in the abandonment of the one-man-band approach and the addition of drummer Laura Hatfield (Better Friends Than Lovers) and keyboardist Jeff Johnson (OK Vancouver OK, Greenbelt Collective) for touring which will follow Inside Chance’s release.

Since February 2004, Collapsing Opposites has toured continuously, playing hundreds of shows throughout Canada, the USA and Japan, touring with acts such as The Doers, The Winks, Anni Rossi, Ill Ease and The Gift Machine.


2007: Inside Chance. CD LP.
Local Kids Make Good Records; distributed by Scratch Records in North America.
Release date: February 27, 2007.

2005: Mean Letters. CD LP.
Released independently; distributed by Scratch Records in North America and This Time Records in Japan.
Entered Earshot charts May 2005.

2005: Microchips Implanted In Your Brain. CDR LP.
Limited edition rarities compilation.
Released independently; out of print.

2004: Sincerity / Sarcasm. CDR LP.
Released independently.
Entered Earshot charts July 2004.

2002: Demonstration. CDR EP.
Released independently.

Set List

Set list is variable to suit context; set length may be from one song to one hour as required. Multiple sets are possible. All original work.