Stockholm, Stockholm, SWE

Dreamy electronic pop


The foundation of COLLEAGUES is the song "Visits", we wrote it watching the trailer for Sofia Coppolas "Marie Antoinette" and it worked so well with the visuals we realized we wanted to collaborate with different visually creative people with every sound we wrote. We sent "Visits" to a really appreciated Oz filmmaker Benjamin Dowie and it became the video "Seacreatures". The only way to hear that song is watching his beautiful work. A little later we wrote Parents' House and released it with a painting by Tom Hadar Elde on Soundcloud and named the project COLLEAGUES. Tears / Parents' House was released with an illustration by Moa Wiking, and a limited 24 piece cassette edition by artist J. Derlow with cassette players designed by J. Dahl. 

The AB-single Tears / Parents' House was released with Fierce Panda/In Stereo Records and the PR success has been enormous.