Collect Call from Mars

Collect Call from Mars

 Amsterdam, North Holland, NLD

"You have a Collect Call from Mars, do you dare to accept the charges...?


Collect Call from Mars

Experience the mix of Rockadelic Powerpop with soulful vocals

The year 2007. A group of young musicians are startled when the telephone rings. They pick up the telephone and a voice asks: "You have a Collect Call from Mars, do you wish to accept the charges...?

They played together for several years. Winning many prices and conquering many stages, but in 2010 their sound changed with a new drummer and an additional musician playing keys and electronic sounds. Then this year our new bass player brought in her own groove to the stage and the new CCFM had arrived. Several magazines and music critics were impressed by their guitar rock in the style of Radiohead, Noisettes and Coparck alternated with peaceful songs like those of Anouk and Maria Mena.

So are you ready for CCFM: do you dare to accept the charges?

Stacey Rookhuizen: “Vocally exceptionally strong! The live performance is like watching a live video clip.”

FRET: “…the name, the appearance, the catchy songs and the musical performance are being embraced.”

3 voor 12: “The set is very diverse. Noisettes–like rock songs with a smile and a wink.”

File Under: “Soulful powerpop with a good rock edge. A band to keep an eye on.”

Jasper van Vugt (OOR): “An energetic mix of guitar rock and alternative pop. The singer proves to have an excellent rock voice.”

P60: “The energy explodes from the stage!”


All I need
Picture Frame
Love that night
You've got it all
Falling away