Collectif 9

Collectif 9

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Collectif 9 : this is four violins, two violas, two cellos, and one double bass, all amplified, a repertoire of short pieces and energetic folk-inspired songs from all over the world. The perfect mix between classical music and the intensity of a rock concert !


Reinterpreting the classical repertoire with passion and fearlessness, Collectif 9 invites you to share an original musical experience. Founded in 2011 by nine musicians from prominent conservatories and universities around the world, the ensemble is proud to call the lively metropolis of Montreal its home.

Their four violins, two violas, two cellos, and one double bass have already seduced both the conservative and the adventurous with diverse programming and unparalleled drive. The venues for the ensemble performances are not just in contrast with the classical tradition, but integral to the Montreal pop scene, such as Divan Orange, Club Soda, and Casa Obscura.

In close collaboration with sound engineer Rufat Aliev, Collectif 9 easily traverses different styles of music presentation, reaching a diverse, culturally curious audience. Though challenging, the contagious enthusiasm of the performers propels the ensemble forward – building bridges between different musical worlds and captivating new generations.

The close miking and amplification of the instruments provides the listener with a unique experience – an organic classical sound, presented with the power of a rock concert. From Vivaldi to Golijov, passing through Piazzolla and Shostakovich, the repertoire of Collectif 9 is a careful selection of short pieces and energetic folk-inspired songs from all over the world.

In a continuous effort to explore new paths, Collectif 9 has pursued a project to diffuse short, monthly videos, recorded live and available on the web. Called LIVEshort, this promising project has already received its share of positive attention since its launch in October: have a listen at

Set List

We play a mix between original works and our own arrangements of classical works. The arrangements we do are always faithful to the original pieces but with a very free approach.

We can play either one or two sets. Total length : 2 hours

Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No.3, 3rd mvt.
Bartok - Divertimento, 3rd mvt
Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata, 3rd mvt.
Brahms - Rondo Alla Zingarese
Golijov - Last Round
Perapaskero - Turceasca
Piazzolla - Four for Tango
Piazzolla - Primavera
Piazzolla - Verano
Prokofiev - Dance of the Knights
Ravel - Duo for Violin and Cello, 2nd mvt.
Romero - Fuga con Pajarillo
Schnittke - Polka
Schnittke - Sonata for Violin No.1, 4th mvt.
Sculthorpe - Quartet No.8, 4th mvt
Shostakovich - Quartet No.8, 2nd mvt.
Takemitsu - Waltz
Vivaldi - L'Estate