Collecting Thoughts

Collecting Thoughts


Why make one style of music when you can experiment with every style? Collecting Thoughts allows you to see some of your favorite local artists, stepping out of there familar scene and collaborating with one of Cincinnati's new local songwriters. Its where Jazz, Folk, Pop, and Blues Rock fuse as 1


With having the opportunity to experience many different styles of music by attending numerous amounts of live shows, singer/ songwriter Colin Ryan knew that he wouldn't be satisfied with just one band or one genre. By forming the Collecting Thoughts Project, singer Colin Ryan has been able to independently produce two solo albums that are far from similar. His debut album Collecting Thoughts: A Collabortion (Shackrock Records; 2004) was the first step for Colin to find his sense in the local music scene. This blend of folk, pop, and jazz acoustic stlye tunes was a "demo tape" really for the attention of both music fans as well as other musicans. This first album was his calling card for the future creatablity of his music career. After two failed attempts to put a soild band together, Colin would follow up his debut album with his second solo release, Collecting Thoughts presents: Keep It Simple Stupid ( Vinyl House Records; 2008). This rather eclectic album, has all the fixings with fusions of a hip hop introduction, jazz and blues rock instrumentals, as well as some throw backs to is acoustic pop roots. With plans of release this summer, the Collecting Thoughts project is far from over, with only bringing one artist back from the first album, guitarist Andy Wiesbrod, Colin has a wide variety of talent to choose from out of his mutal respect for local upcoming musicans.


Collecting Thoughts: A Collaboration (Shackrock Records; 2004) Excessable on iTunes.
Collecting Thoughts presents: Keep It Simple Stupid (Vinyl House Records; 2008)

Set List

Are set lists consist mostly of promoting the albums, but we attempt to draw in the crowd with fun up-beat semi-familar classic hits that apeel to the listener as well as comlpiment our sound. Example: The Stones, The Meters, etc.