Collective Dreams

Collective Dreams

 Castroville, Texas, USA

With instrumental roots and experimental minds, Collective Dreams combines musical soundscapes some have related to Explosions in the Sky with an At the Drive-In edge. Among musical experimentation Collective Dreams also uses projection mapping to advance the live visual experience.


Collective Dreams is the umbrella title for music composed by Caleb Barber, Travis Hildenbrand, Albert Salinas, and Benjamin Rodriguez. Starting from scratch after spending thier early teens immersed in hard rock, this purely instrumental quartet has produced two albums and performed over 80 times in 12 different cities across Texas and Louisiana over the past two years.

The group initailly began playing together in private during the fall of 2010, more so for the sake of having a musical outlet than anything. After a few meetings the songs that began to take place took even the band themselves by surprise. After playing together very casually over a period of several months, the group decided to record and release a six song EP. The results were extremely well recieved, and are still held as the group's gem by many fans.

Doors began to open for the group outside of thier familiar base in San Antonio for the first time. The group began the first steps of a still held habbit of embarking on short three to five day road trips. And so, despite having to battle the logistics that come with band members being separated by 302 miles of Texas highway the group began the uphill battle of gaining name recognition.

The group continued to perform as they worked bit by bit on recording new material at Blue Smoke Studios in Fort Worth. With the goal of releasing a full-length album that would take the group to the proverbial next level, it was at this time that the group briefly took on a full time vocalist. However, after two candidates fell short of expectations and weeks of discussion on the merrits of instrumental art, it was decided that the group would continue to perform vocal-free; the self-titled album would be released on iTunes and Amazon on March 14, 2012.

Collective Dreams continues to gig heavily and is working on recording a new album to be released in Spring of 2013.


Collective Dreams- 3/13/12
• available on iTunes, Spotify, & Zune
• Vinyl release June 8, 2012

PASSAGES EP- 12/10/10
• available for free on SoundCloud & Reverbnation