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1. Call Me – Skyy
2. Maria Maria – Santana
3. Smooth Operator – Sade
4. Groove Line – Heatwave
5. Friday Night (Living It Up)
6. Sex Machine – James Brown
7. Never Too Much - Luther Vandross
8. Long Train – Dobbie Brothers
9. Just My Imagination – Temptations
10. Right Now – Willis McNeil



Willis McNeil

From the 4th grade, I peeked into the auditorium from the back door of the band rehearsal and saw the shiny drums and I was hooked.
I played drums in the school, marching band, and orchestras throughout high school.
After high school I went to Hawaii where I had some success in a funk band, TKO, that where I also sang and played drums. Also learned to play guitar after getting an AA in music in Sunnyvale, CA and DeAnza College in Cupertino, CA.
In Sunnyvale I joined Northern CA Songwriting Association where I learn to write musical hooks, melodic melodies and won some awards there.
I’ve been playing on the West side of LA for 12 years in such venues as Hard Rock Café, Marriot, Harvells, Danny Venice, Killer Shrimp, BB Kings, Esprit, Steve Harvey Appollo West to name a few. Also a grip of private parties.


Hailing from Chicago to Los Angeles, ANDREW ACOSTA has mirrored his talents with his passion as a musician playing a variety of drums and percussion instruments in rhythms that move you. His style ranges from Latin, Jazz, R&B, Brazilian to World Music.

Acosta, arrived in the LA area around 1978, during which time he is credited on the album “Flame” with the notable Jazz/R&B Saxophonist, Ronnie Laws. He has also played with musicians like Latin Jazz artist, Dr. Bobby Rodriquez and many more.

Since then, Acosta has emerged into LA’s music arena, contributing his noted style of sensitivity to compositions that add just the right amount of seasoning, flavoring the pure soul of sounds. Now considering himself an Angeleno, sitting in with local groups, his many “Street Credits” currently adds to his unlimited talent and love of music.

Andrew Acosta is one to keep an eye on and an ear open to, as he looks forward to working with many more greats and breaking into endless possibilities.

Edwin J. Fountaine Jr., Songwriter/ Guitarist/ Vocalist/ Producer

Edwin has been involved in music since a very early age. Edwin Jr., was born in Kansas City, Missouri. Edwin's father, Jazz Hall Of Fame Bassist, Edwin J. Fountaine Sr. introduced his prodigal son to the music world. By taking him to the Sunday Jazz jams at the black Musician's Union from infancy, Edwin was immersed in sounds of the world's greatest players.
At those jams all the greatest Black musical artists (remember, the Unions were segregated in the 1950's) would come to blow off steam, and try out their best and craziest riffs.
Never forgetting those early experiences, Edwin started playing the Eb Tuba in grade school and advanced to the Junior Symphony before finding his true expressional instrument at 14, the Guitar. Edwin's playing matured quickly and at the age of 16 he started his professional musical career.
Playing Guitar and singing covers was to be his Bread and Butter for many years. Lounges and Bars were his proving grounds to perfect his craft and performance skills.
One of the coolest things that Edwin had a hand in was introducing his brother Gary, (Mom always liked him best) to John Smith, leader and Guitarist of the Nu Shooz band. That introduction led to one of the biggest song/ band hits of the 1980's "I Can't Wait", a veritable icon of pop music.
Edwin has been blessed to have played with some of the monsters of music, Eddie Van Halen, Herbie Hancock, Sonny Stitt, Willie Bobo, Tony Coleman (B.B. King), and a plethora of lesser known yet mind boggling musicians.
Edwin came to Los Angeles in the beginning of 2009 for two weeks, and has been there ever since. From being chosen to be one of the lead Guitarists of AGAPE church, to having his band play to 200,000 people at the 2011 Los Angeles, being Music Director, Composer, and Leader for dozens of projects before and after, L.A. has been a continual roller coaster of sounds, and the most fun you can have standing up with your clothes on.


Greg L. Spann hails from Jamaica, Queens New York. Born June 14, 1965 he comes from a large family 7 brothers and 5 sisters, most of whom are musically inclined. It all started with his father guitarist Joseph L. Spann and uncles.
Greg was raised in a christian home and started playing bass guitar along side his father in church and later with local gospel quartet groups. At age 15 Greg left home to persue a carreer as a bass player for local and well known gospel artist. After 2 years on the road Greg returned home completed his high school education and performed with many bands in various styles of music from funk to punk, salsa and rock.
He was then asked to play for a local gospel group and accepted. This is where he met the woman he would marry on Febuary 14, 1985.
In December 1989 Greg joined the United States Marine Corps as a field radio operator. And for the next five years his musical talents and experience grew as he met more musicians and played in more local bands where ever the U.S.M.C. sent him. In 1994 Greg then swit