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The best kept secret in music


"on CD:"

...I've already mentioned that You Feel This Good is technically superb. I've alluded to the excellent musicianship. I've definitely talked about Colleen's vocal abilities and her songwriting is more intricate and refined than the last CD. (As a side note, I'm in the office listening to the CD again for the review and I look around to see everyone in the office bobbing their heads to the music. I think it's a hit with them too. It feels that good.) So, tell me.. why are you still reading and not going out and buying it? ... - Chris Lonsberry,

"on CD:"

We last gave an Editor’s Pick to Colleen Coadic for her “The Opposite Only Better”. And we’re going to give her another one for her latest album. “You Feel This Good” is a sincere look at a woman’s life in this chaotic world that we all live in. It’s a great insight and that’s what I like the most about Colleen Coadic—her incredibly envisioning lyrics.

Always upbeat despite the weariness of our world, Colleen brings us her art in a form that’s so intrusively emotional it’s a wonder she’s not sitting next to us playing when you listen to her album. Absolutely a must-have for any fans of woman-centric rock.

- J-Sin,

"on CD:"

Hear ye, hear ye, hearken to the voice of hope, the seasoned sound of Colleen Coadic, survivor extraordinaire. A strong, competent troubadour, she boldly brings her songs of redemption with words that may be particularly encouraging to women. But be clear – the girl rocks as well as she incites.

My only question after enjoying her new CD over and over is, why isn’t this woman signed? Maybe it’s the Alaska thing, I dunno. But You Feel This Good is her fifth project; isn’t anyone listening up there? Her music and her talent are as commercial as Sheryl Crow’s, and she shows a lot of the same cynical intelligence, commenting on the state of our times with both a ruthless honesty and a tender compassion.

...Coadic has an eye for the culture’s socially accepted snares, and she seems to take wicked glee in exposing them. Yet another thing to like about her, beside her warm voice, her major writing chops, and her arranging talents.

The only fault I find with this record is in its absence from the popular rotation. - Kevan Brietinger,

"on live performance:"

As the audience chatted about her performance, DiFranco came over the housespeakers gushing about Coadic. ... an affirming, utterly justified nod toward one of Alaska’s finest singer-songwriters.” - Anchorage Daily News

"on live performance:"

“Coadic stole the show with the [its] last song Splashpoint ... she has lungs with the power of a Ferrari ... at one point she opened those lungs up and filled the room with one even sustained note that punctuated a bass driven song perfectly ... powerhouse performance.” - ADN, Song of the Year Review

"on CD:"

“ affecting balance of deceptively upbeat, no nonsense pop-craft and deeply earnest lyrics ... still, for all her acutely visual imagery and intimate confessionals, it is Coadic’s agile and confident vocal that compels the listener toward repeated plays.” - Performing Songwriter

"on radio:"

"I'll tell ‘ya one thing. Colleen never disappoints. She's been sending me her music since 1996. And she's still not signed to a major label. Fools, fucks, idiots! Do the smooth alternative. Get this CD!" - Michael Anthony Show

"on radio:"

“This is as pure and personal as you can get in a release - a true classic - poems in music - I can’t praise this enough ...I’m completely amazed. - Lord Litter, Radio Marabu Network

"on live performance:"

... she really blew us all away (I say that because the crowd went ga-ga!) with her powerful voice and presence.”
- Santa Cruz, Ani Difranco show review


Fall 2006: The Glass Is Half Full Girl
You Feel This Good
The Opposite Only Better
Scream of Consciousnesss
T o D a Y
Say Anything
internet, college and PR radio play - all


Feeling a bit camera shy


Colleen Coadic was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, into an eclectic musical environment.
Her free spirit artist mother sang, her bass player father and band jammed rock- blues in the living room, her self-taught grandfather played accordion to all the famous Celtic Traditionals, and her grandmother, baking bread for the week, sang in her native tongue - French.

Colleen’s talents spoke earliest via her voice, then guitar, and bass guitar.
Vocal prowess comes naturally and easily. Song writing is a natural translation of her unique inner landscape: via soothing imagery, deepened lyrics, catchy grooves.
At a wondrously naive age, Colleen hit the road touring - coast to coast, 350 days a year: stages big and small, bars, arenas, cafes, with her band, and solo. Her music is rock: powerhouse vocals with in your face delivery complimented by some of the best indie players that long tours and packed houses can polish.

Some accomplishments so far:
Independent release and distribution of five albums, sales: 20,000+ units:
The Glass Is Half Full Girl (Fall 2006)
You Feel This Good (2004)
The Opposite Only Better (late 2001)
Scream Of Consciousness (1998)
T o D a Y (1996)
Say Anything (1994)

Some Soundscan tracking via CD Baby;

- Heavy rotation of two videos, “I Am” - T o D a Y: MTV Europe, CMT Canada, Manhattan Cable, and “Splashpoint” - The Opposite Only Better: featured at the Snowdance Film Festival for innovations in cinematography;
- Multiple live performances on national television and radio;
- Three time recipient of the Canadian government's prestigious artist F.A.C.T.O.R awards, ;
- Voted Anchorage's best performer, and best singer, best songwriter (1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001, 2002, 2004);
- Top Pop Song Of The Year, Alaska, 2001, Top Rock, Pop and ‘Other’ Song, 2004;
- Multiple tour and opening slots for headlining acts including Ani DiFranco, Blues Traveler, Dishwalla, Laura Love, Alanis Morissette, David Wilcox, Blu Cantrell, Cracker etc.;
- Extensive portfolio of international fanzine, magazine and newspaper accolades and reviews;
(“ affecting balance of deceptively upbeat, no nonsense pop-craft and deeply earnest lyrics ... still, for all her acutely visual imagery and intimate confessionals, it is Coadic’s agile and confident vocal that compels the listener toward repeated plays.”- Performing Songwriter)
- Online sales of CDs and merchandise via Colleen’s official web site, official fan site, indie label 12 Records, CDBaby, and live;

2006 plans include:
- aggressive US, UK, and Canadian tour/media campaign to support (2) new CDs and indie label 12 Records label multi-artist tour
- completion, release and promotion of CD: The Glass Is Half Full Girl - expansion of band’s state of the art recording recording facility.