Colleen Jameson

Colleen Jameson


With her song Revolution Now breaking the 10,000 plays mark on Myspace, Colleen Jameson has made a definite splash! Her political poetry and heart-stopping love songs will stay with you long after the show.


The weight of politics and the human condition sent Colleen running to her guitar when most college kids were running for homecoming queen. Her music brings political issues to light in an accessible and poetic way. More than just another acoustic crooner, Colleen is the real deal: the poetry of life's sorrows set against the melody of life's joys.


Revolution Now!

Written By: Colleen Jameson

I mustered up my bravery and I moved out with you.
We drove to Massachusetts so we could say, "I do."
But now it's day to day and bills to pay
And more and more I find
The thing that keeps me closest to you
Wasn't something I could sign.

So we'll ask a million people what they think of us
And let them vote on our commitment.
And after they’ve all hopped on the next campaign bus
We’ll still be sticking with it.
I never needed them to tell me it was fine-
I said ‘I do’ because I knew it all the time.
I knew it all the time.

Someday they’ll take our wedding away like they did in San Francisco
When all those families that formed long ago
Were given rights that they could not hold.
They quote the constitution, the Book of Luke
And say it’s for the children.
So why is it that suicide is still the thing that kills them?

Revolution! Revolution now!
Revolution! Revolution now!

We’re not biding our time, we’re not standing in line
We’re not asking permission.
We’ve marched and we’ve fought for our civil rights
And we’re gonna get them!
I never needed you to tell me it was fine.
I said ‘I do’ because
I knew it all the time.

Revolution! Revolution now!
Revolution! Revolution now!

© Colleen Jameson 2006


Colleen's self-produced CD is availible on itunes, cdbaby and lastfm. Her tracks are podcast favorites and have been featured on podcasts around world.
Downloadable tracks availible @

Set List

All original songs. Able and willing to sets ranging from 15 minutes up to 2 hours without any covers.

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