Colleen Kattau and Some Guys

Colleen Kattau and Some Guys

 Cortland, New York, USA

Latin and jazz-laced folk originals - clear and vast ranging rhythmic vocals beautifully blend with masterful sax, bass, native flute, and guitar, this performance is all energy and love! featured at Clearwater and Falcon Ridge Folk Festivals, NERFA quad showcase 2012, and at storied Cafe Lena.


About Colleen Kattau:
"Power and beauty steeping in a fine tea." (Yuri Gohan)
"Joe Hill would be proud. Great singer and organizer at the same time," Pete Seeger

She is such a bright spirit, has a powerful voice, and seems to laugh and dance where ever she goes. Holly Near

"Kattau's voice is beautiful and the "Guys" are masters at their craft" Katie Hall, Cortland Standard

The songs are dead on target, performed beautifully with just the right amount of outrage and amusement. Kim Ruell,

Your Inhabited Woman is pure genius. I mean that without exaggeration. You were really inspired by the higher beings.- Larry Ely

Colleen is a bi-lingual singer-songwriter and dynamic performer. Her music joins rhythms of Latin America with her own roots rock and folky jazz-laced compositions. Influenced by the voice and social message of artists like Lila Downs, Holly Near, Jolie Rickman, and Natalie Merchant, Colleen creates her own aesthetic style with an impressive vocal range and clarity of sound. Her innovative poetic lyrics cover a wide and varied range from soulful sensual songs to rise up and change the world anthems. With the masterful sax, flute and vocals of Jamie Yaman, virtuoso Mike Brandt on bass, and Colleen on solid rhythm guitar and uke, Colleen and Some Guys deliver the goods in concert- it's all 'power and beauty steeping in a fine tea,' fun, funny, emotive and mellifluous.

In My Name
This new release is a restorative, upbeat, and unique combination of original songs in Spanish and English- that underscore the transformative power of song to open new ways of experiencing the world. A spectrum of styles comes together here to make for an album rich in lyrics and melodies. Colleens creative and innovative vocals are complemented by the superb musicianship of Some Guys on bass (Mike Brandt), sax & flute (Jamie Yaman) and electric guitar (Ben de la Garza)

Inhabited Woman:
Colleens latest release, Inhabited Woman offers a brilliant array of material- that is moving, political and fun! As a labor of love and commitment to social and environmental changes, Inhabited Woman offers a sonic imaginative vision of what the world could be, and leaves the listener with an array of sound from country playful tracks to soulful evocative melodies. Colleens impressive vocal range and imagination are accentuated by musicians like acclaimed string player John Rossbach and world renowned cellist Hank Roberts. Tracks include radio favorite Royally Oily, Ocean Song (live cut), and the powerful anthem Woman Nation by Jolie Rickman.


ocean song

Written By: colleen kattau

Ocean Song c. colleen kattau

I put my foot into the sand, taking me to another land
I felt the pull of many years like a surf roaring in my ears
I took another step and then it took me back to where I began

My footstep won’t be saved by a rushing of the waves
But they keep on calling me, go, further out to sea
I make a mark, it’s quickly gone. Still I run, I run , I run

Hey salty water what’s my name? What balance can I claim
In a place where the ocean breaks and cold makes my leg ache?
I’m still left standing on the shore, no border no metaphor

But that’s why I love the sea - Its play with boundary
Where past and present meet. Where the water’s not too deep
But it’s a hard place to stand. Stones sink and pull you in

Dm C Dm
You had no fear that morning at the island’s edge
Dm C Dm
You dove right in, sky and wind would keep their pledge
Dm C Dm
To keep you here for the moment to be bold
Dm C B
To cleans and heal, to keep you safe and whole,
A Dm
to keep you safe and whole And I want to believe it Instrumental

Hey salty water what’s her name? What balance can she claim
In a place where the ocean breaks And cold makes her head ache?
Far from the hardest place to stand she swam, she swam, she swam

Oh further out to sea, further out than me She made her mark and then she said Catch me if you can
catch me if you can. Catch her if you can, catch her if you can, oh catch her if you can…
Whoa whoa oh… Catch her if you can


Written By: colleen kattau w. victor jara

Yo no canto por cantar
Ni por tener buena voz
Canto porque la guitarra
Tiene sentido y razón.
Tiene corazón de tierra
Y alas de palomita
Es como el agua bendita
Que santigua glorias y penas.

Aquí se encaja mi canto
Como dijera Violeta
Guitarra trabajadora
Con olor a primavera

I don’t sing just to sing or to have a good voice
I sing because the guitar has meaning and reason
It has the heart of the earth and the wings of a little dove
It’s like the holy water that blesses joy and pain.

Here is where my song fits as Violeta* would say
Hard-working guitar with a scent of the springtime

It’s not a guitar of the rich or anything like that
My guitar is a scaffold on which to reach the stars

down with oil

Written By: colleen kattau

Down with Oil

My honey’s a gardener whose hands chap and crack from the soil
So to soften them in the evening those hands rub me down with oil
We light a little candle and lay down on the flannel and then begin to handle the skin
My honey’s hands don’t skimp no they cover every inch making certain the lotion soaks right in.

Head neck and shoulders it’ll all be done before I roll over
Back butt thigh, those fingers make me sigh and I know where those in heaven go
Lavender, sandalwood, calendula, a and e. a little olive oil and a little bit of tea tree
The tension slips away from the blessing goes the curse
And my life is simplified and I’m polymorphously perverse.

On a king size bed I get treated royal
I’m a feminist socialist but I don’t mind being spoiled when my baby rubs me down
From the valley to the mound, relaxing me from trouble and toil
When my baby rubs me down, down with oil.


Written By: jesus chuy rasgado

En una noche de luna
Naila lloraba ante mí
ella me miraba con ternura
puso en mis labios su dulzura
you le decía por qué lloraba?
y ella me contestó así:
‘ya me embriagué con otro hombre,
ya no soy Naila para ti (2x)”

Naila, y ¿por qué me abadonas?
Tonta, si bien sabes que te quiero
vuelve a mí, ya no busques otros senderos
te perdono, porque sin tu amor
se me parte el corazón.

Autumn cold

Written By: colleen kattau

Autumn Cold

Autumn cold
Not even a star
Comes out at twilight

Sundown sets hills on fire
Shadows call the night

The wind brought in a season change
That left to leave a chill
Day is done night has come
The candle burns until

The darkness sings to hold the warmth
That cannot be bought or sold
The altered sky
The for a moment held
Between the new and old

A star appears beyond the air
That veiled it to the eye
The stillness of the missing wind
Fills the empty sky

The evening lays its blanket down
To keep the cold at bay
Just like the wind that cleared the way
That made me shiver, but made me brave
Just like the wind that cleared the way
That made me shiver, but made me brave

Autumn cold
not even a star
Comes out at twilight

So much going on

Written By: colleen kattau

So much going on

There’s magic in the dark tonight
Country dogs are barking out there
They’re yapping and howling to the night
Sensing something in the air.

Fairy came around again
She’s flying around through the song
Flapping and fluttering to say it’s all right
Its just that there’s so much going on

She says, what are you scared about?
Why are you troubling your mind?
Go on ahead and sing it out girl
You’ll discover what you find

It’s only love, it’s only now
We’ll make a way somehow
It’s only love, it’s only now
We’ll make a way somehow

Thousands of miles away
They can target you and shoot you down
No use running away
There’s no hiding in this town

How do you compete against a gun
How do you make violence no more
Well I know I’m not the only one
But I don’t want to win no war

They are so mighty and we’re so small
It will take the strength of us all
They are so mighty we are so small
It will take us giving all

Fairy came around again
She’s flying around through the song
Flappin and fluttering to say it’s all right
It’s just that there’s so much going on