College The Musical: A Musical About College

College The Musical: A Musical About College

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Both entertaining and educational, "College" follows Amy, a naive freshman ready to throw herself into college life and all the freedoms that come with it. Enter freshman predator Julius and so begins Amy's roller coaster ride through college. "College" is an instant hit full of humor and sincerity!


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'College The Musical: A Musical About College' comes from the comedic and musical minds of Kelly Meyersfield and Evan Wecksell. This original musical follows Amy, a naive freshman, through the hysterical highs and humbling lows of college life and relationships.

"College" can best be described as 'edutainment.' Entertaining because it's an original 2-person musical where the cast portray 6 different characters, and educational because along the way the show touches on alcohol abuse, stds, casual sex and college relationships in general.

"College" is over the top and silly, but it also manages to get its message across - practice safe sex, drink in moderation and don't get too caught up in the moment.

Kelly and Evan also offer a question-and-answer session with the students after the performance to discuss all the issues brought up.

The musical is one of a kind and no one on the college market pulls off college life with such hilarity, reality and honesty.


College The Musical: A Musical About College
Official Soundtrack

*One More Year (The College Song) and Alcohol have been receiving national airplay on The Dr. Demento Radio Show.

Set List

1) Out on My Own [KM]
2) One More Year (The College Song) [EW]
3) First Kisses [KM]
4) Alcohol [EW]
5) Ready for You [EW]
6) I Did It Because (The Virgin Song) [KM]
7) On the Other Side of the Door [KM/EW]
8) Accidental Daddy [KM]
9) Don't Touch My Anus [KM]
10) More Than Four [EW]
11) Just Open Up [KM/EW]
12) I'm So Happy You're Clean [EW]

*Show can tailored to PG rating so all ages can enjoy!